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Repsol Paint Codes

Here are a list of useful codes for the Honda CBR1000RR and most other Repsol Replica bikes

Paint Codes:

Up to 2015

Vibrant Orange - YR250
Pearl Siren Blue - PB123
Winning Red - R258

From 2015

Vibrant Orange - YR250X
Ross White - NH196
Victory Red - R334


Orange - RAL2003


Orange - Pantone 164


NH460M - Omega Silver Metallic

Subframe (2009)

NH167MU - Iron Nail Silver Metallic

Subframe (2011)

NH461M - Temple Black Metallic

Touch-up paint

Via Repsol Orange wheels - HON 25
Tel: 01524 33700

TAMIYA Orange paint X-6 item number 81506 (Is apparently a good match - Thanks David for the info!) available from Hobbycraft

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Some great weight reduction products

When I first started work on my bike and looked at swapping Steel bolts for Titanium, there was very few choices. Nowadays there are a huge choice of manufacturers out there.

Here are a few unique choices of nuts and bolts that push weight reduction that tiny bit further.

From RLR Motosport, socket head bolts often get neglected from the race spec conversions.

Titanium race spec drilled socket head bolt

Titanium race spec drilled tapered socket head bolt

MVS Performance make Hollow Titanium bolts which offer Aluminium weights on Titanium products. 

Titanium hollow bolts

Racebolt offer the race spec nuts which was my bright idea. These are M10 sprocket bolts and look cool. They also offer M8 superbike sprocket bolts which are tiny and light.

Imitation is the sincerest complement apparently. RacePro on Ebay make race spec drilled nuts in M8 size and in many colours.

Favourite Fireblade designs

Its always interesting to see other colour schemes for the fireblade from the usual Repsol design. 
Here are a few of my favourite colour schemes together. 

The new Honda 2017 CBR1000RR

This appears to be spy shot of the new 2017 CBR1000RR.

What this leaked photo and mashup from Asphalt and Rubber shows are some similarities but also some differences.

This shows the potential model. The website seem to miss a few pointers.

What this photo shows is a standard non-SP model with standard ABS model as its got stock forks and the stock Tokico brakes. It has the existing style swingarm and revised wheels. The frame seems similar but missing the radiator hose as its access point to the engine is lower. Another thing not so obvious is the crank case. This side has the clutch casing that is different to the current model. The fairings, tail and headlight are all different. The subframe is clearly resyles with similar mounting points.

I imagine that these are similar to the new TSR Musashi endurance bikes. This interestingly had a new headlight (So did the TSR Team and a new style curved exhaust). They also briefly had a different swingarm that fitted a different shock.

Whist …