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Keyless ignition

The fireblade in the UK comes with HISS as standard. This is basically a chip in the key that reduces the risk of theft without the key.

Whilst this is a fine system for most road bikes, if you want a track or custom bike it presents a few problems.

I will briefly cover the options available.

USA loom and ECU

In America, HISS is not standard on bikes so an option would be to swap the looms so it would be simple enough to avoid the issue. the downside is that we have pass to flash and hazards wired into the loom and the USA ECU can be restricted on power. You simply replace the key with a switch or buy a key delete loom from Woodcraft.

I am told that the australian blade is similare to the UK but no HISS so this may also be an issue but have not explored this.

HRC Loom and HRC ECU

This would seem the perfect solution for track days but if you want to use the bike as a custom road bike, lose features such as fans, indicators and headlights.

Modified UK Loom and the rest

I have seen many other so…

Programming a Honda Hiss key

This isn't my normal post but found this page quite useful if you ever need to replace a physically broken key and programme a replacement.

Method is...  (with your new cut keys)

1. Disconnect the 2 pin wiring from the CKP sensor.
2. Connect the special wiring loom.
3. Connect the positive and negative leads to the battery.
4. Using original Key, turn the ignition on.
5. Disconnect the positive battery connector for 5 seconds then reattach.
6.  The HISS light (if you have one) should come on for 2 seconds and flash 4 times.
7. Turn off ignition and remove original key. Move well away from the HISS sensor.
8. Inset the new key and turn on the ignition. The HISS light will come on for 4 seconds and then flash 4 times. This means a the new key is registered.
9. Turn off ignition, and repeat for each new key.
10. Turn off ignition, remove special wiring loom and reconnect CKP sensor.

Here is the link

RCV1000 body kit for the CBR1000RR

As you may have seen, my bike started off life as a 2009 Repsol Fireblade. Over time, I have swapped the fairings to the 2015 Repsol design which I have to admit really like.

Now the 2017 and 2018 bike is out, its possible to do the same and convert the 2009 bike to the look of the 2017 blade. 

Instead of this, another option is the RCV1000 replica. Sebi Moto have created a set of RCV1000 replica fairings for the fireblade. so you can get the Motogp look for a lot less. 

MetalScorpio has embarked on this concept and the bike looks stunning.

What is the RCV1000?

Well put simply, MotoGP thought it was a good idea to introduce an affordable race bike series using a common engine, That engine came from the 2008 CBR1000RR and tweaked by Ten Kate.

Click here for more information

HRC Quick release spindles

This is one of the last parts of the QR kit I needed for the bike. This differs from the usual used or third party ones as these are genuine HRC and intended for stock forks and wheels.

If you have spent any time working on the blades, they have a spindle with a bolt on the end. Whilst this clearly meets the needs, my HRC Swingarm has the Quick release kit on the rear. It seems daft to only do 59% of the conversion, so the front had to be converted.

Whilst this is no doubt very cool to have on the bike, my current setup uses titanium spindles. These are steel and heavy. My aim will be to get titanium replicas made up to keep the weight down.