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A few more parts for the build list

I have been distract things of late but getting the bike back on track.

I finally got round to fitting the Akrapovic exhaust after I finally sourced the bracket to attach to the Honda Racing rearsets.

I have also picked up a  R&G boot protector kit which I hope to fit in the new yeat and promises to keep the frame unharmed.

I have also got a seat pad from Hifibre , a great product for my race fairings.

Back to the pics, I picked up a used cylinder head. I have reliably informed that it was ported by JHS so keeping it for a time when I can put together with the HRC cams. I have also got a .55 HRC Cylinder head gasket to tweak the engine further.

I have picked up a HRC Radiator for the fireblade. This complements the HRC Oil cooler that I already have.

This brings my HRC Kit list to:

HRC Front Subframe
HRC Rear Subframe
HRC Clocks
HRC Loom
HRC Quick Action Throttle
HRC Oil filler cap
HRC Oil Cooler
HRC Oil Cooler bolt
HRC Sump
HRC Oil pressure relief valve
HRC Cams
HRC Valv…