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HRC Manual correction CBR1000RR 08-16

I was putting together the front HRC clock bracket and was checking the parts in the HRC Manual and came across a mistake wth the part numbers.
It describes a grommet with part number 18357-KA4-710. After a bit of homework I found that this should be part number 80101-165-000 
Just in case anyone else needs to order the correct part.

Woolich Racing ECU Flash for the CBR1000RR

I have decided to try flashing the ECU on my stock fireblade ECU. 
I have a HRC ECU but at the moment gives me limited options. It will nit work on the existing bike due to HISS. I could bypass this by rewiring the loom to provide power to the fuel pump but would still lose the lights, indicators and fans. 
Keen to up the potential of the bike, the Woolich flash allows mapping like the HRC ecu but on a stock ECU instead. It also allows me to disable redundant features that have plugs installed and therefore adds weight to the bike. This also enables me to consider removing the Power commander and the Secondary Fuel Module.
The added bonus for me is that you can get both a bench loom and an on the bike loom. This gives me flexibility to tuning the bike anywhere.

Chinese clock case cover for the 08-11 CBR1000RR

A while back I swapped the fascia of my 2009 clocks to the black face in the 2011 Repsol model.
This fascia did not come cheap at around £160.
I recently bought a china copy for £14.50 as a test.
The seller is My_Sky007 based in china. There was several other sellers with similar locations and prices.
It took around a month to arrive and it seemed a good copy. When it was unpacked, it had a small 5p blemish on the clear plastic. I decided that I could probabky live with this if it was track only fairings so continued the clock swap. Unfortunely I run into two more problems. Firstly, the black rubber buttons did not touch the microswitch so needed to transfer the originals.Then trying to closed the case caused a 2mm gap so was not flush.
I worked on the assumption, that quality assurance may not be the best and maybe even just a bad on…

A few updates

Its been a while since I updated the blog but thought I would share a couple of updates.
Firstly, the Factory Honda Akrapovic exhaust is finally on the bike. The downside is that I was missing a bracket to fit to the factory Honda rearsets. I briefly started the bike and all I can say is that the sound is something special. I will of course dyno the bike and get a proper map for the bike in due course.
I overlooked these brackets when I was getting my parts together. It seems that Honda Racing use these on their BSB, TT and endurance bikes alongside John McGuinness and Jackson Racing to name a few. These add further credibility to my bike build based on HRC and Honda Racing parts

There is some tweaking required but the exhaust is on and sounds great. The next job will be fitting the exhaust bracket. 

My old Scorpion EXO helmet was getting past its best so opted to replace it. I was very tempted on a Marquez Shoei to suit the bike but opted for Arai RX-7V HRC version. I gambled on the size b…