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Some bike updates

Honda Akrapovic TT Headers

I finally bit the bullet and bought a set of the Akrapovic titanium headers. These are the factory headers used on the Factory Honda in BSB and the TT. These I believe were used on John McPINTS bike so got some great heritage. 

Fuel cap holder
I noticed on the 2013 TT bike that there was a sponge ring on the tank of John McPints bike. Having asked the question, found out was intended to hold the fuel cap when refuelling. A simple but sensible idea. I got one which will go on the track fairings.

Braketech Floating Rotor
I finally got around to fitting the floating rear rotor on the blade. I think it looks great and will ensure more even braking.

Factory Akrapovic Exhaust refurn
I finally got my battered Akrapovic end can repaired which looks much better. There is no denying that its used but its now in much better shape.


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Awesome eagle eye headlights

Well I doubt I will ever be brave enough to buy a conversion like this but saw these and the think they look amazing. I find that a great deal of headlight conversion often look tacky and dread it when I hear of angel or demon eyes. These however seem tasteful and do seem to suit the lines of the bike.

New rear suspension link (AKA Dog Bone)

As a fan of making the CBR1000RR that little bit better, I stumbled across a shock linkage from Lee's Cycles.
The Honda CBR1000RR comes with a standard Shock linkage of 175mm. HRC provide these in different lengths (170mm-172mm) to change the handling of the bike.
The Lee's cycles link is 170mm long and is based on the HRC version at a fraction of the cost. 
HRC List 4 different links listed for the blade:
1) 52470-MFL-R10 CONN ROD ASSY., CUSHION R1 (Standard) 2) 52470-NLR-A20 CONN ROD ASSY., CUSHION (MEL) 166.2mm 3) 52470-NLR-A30 CONN ROD ASSY., CUSHION (P2) 178.8mm 4) 52470-NLR-A40 CONN ROD ASSY., CUSHION (P4) 170mm
In Brief, MEL is the most aggressive, P4 is less aggressive, P2 is quite flat and the unlisted is offers the characteristics of the P2 but adjusts ride height.
The idea in general gives better rear grip on the rear and raises the seat somewhat to transfer some weight to the front of the bike. 
Besides the obvious advantages to the handling 5mm means less material and a few…

Favourite Fireblade designs

Its always interesting to see other colour schemes for the fireblade from the usual Repsol design. 
Here are a few of my favourite colour schemes together.