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What parts are common on the 2017 CBR1000RR

Well the Microfiche have arrived online for the new blade:

It does appear that the engine does still share quite a few ancilleries from the old engine.

Things like cylinder, chain tensioners, sprockets and many other parts are interchangeable.This includes some clutch components.

What this means for me is the HRC 08-16 parts will fit the new bike.

I will add as I compare:

HRC Steering Damper
HRC oil cooler 
HRC Gaskets

Things that seem unlikely to fit:

Fuel pump kit
Kit Clutch

HM Dash and GP Firmware update

After a long winter break, I have started to do some of those little jobs that I have overlooked.
HM Racing have been busy updating their software and firmware. The only criticism I have is that they do update their code but forget to tell anyone what if any benefits are included.
Firstly I updated the HM GP software, It's leapt to version 2.4 but again no idea what improvements have been made. I have updated to firmware 2.7 as seen in the screen shot.
I also upgraded the HM Dash Update tool to 2.14 and the firmware to 7L. This one is slightly different as this one is not described as a beta version. Again, no readme exists for what it offers. I presume its to cover new models.
Here is a small video to show the update

This has not been trouble free. I decided to try and use my new Windows 10 tablet for the update. I found that I could not turn off digital signatures as I was using Bitlocker. So any other Win 8/10 should be fine as long as no bit locker is used.

Some bike updates

I finally bit the bullet and bought a set of the Akrapovic titanium headers. These are the factory headers used on the Factory Honda in BSB and the TT. These I believe were used on John McPINTS bike so got some great heritage. 
I noticed on the 2013 TT bike that there was a sponge ring on the tank of John McPints bike. Having asked the question, found out was intended to hold the fuel cap when refuelling. A simple but sensible idea. I got one which will go on the track fairings.

I finally got around to fitting the floating rear rotor on the blade. I think it looks great and will ensure more even braking.
I finally got my battered Akrapovic end can repaired which looks much better. There is no denying that its used but its now in much better shape.