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A few more parts for the build list

I have been distract things of late but getting the bike back on track.

I finally got round to fitting the Akrapovic exhaust after I finally sourced the bracket to attach to the Honda Racing rearsets.

I have also picked up a  R&G boot protector kit which I hope to fit in the new yeat and promises to keep the frame unharmed.

I have also got a seat pad from Hifibre , a great product for my race fairings.

Back to the pics, I picked up a used cylinder head. I have reliably informed that it was ported by JHS so keeping it for a time when I can put together with the HRC cams. I have also got a .55 HRC Cylinder head gasket to tweak the engine further.

I have picked up a HRC Radiator for the fireblade. This complements the HRC Oil cooler that I already have.

This brings my HRC Kit list to:

HRC Front Subframe
HRC Rear Subframe
HRC Clocks
HRC Loom
HRC Quick Action Throttle
HRC Oil filler cap
HRC Oil Cooler
HRC Oil Cooler bolt
HRC Sump
HRC Oil pressure relief valve
HRC Cams
HRC Valv…

Some work completed

I finally pieced the bike together after a long period of it being in bits. This work involved removing the stock headers and the taylormade exhaust, I have replaced the exhaust bolts with Titanium ones and the Akrapovic exhaust. This is not your off the shelf number, this is the factory exhaust made specially for Honda Racing. 
I have used a lower cowl that has been modified to accomodate the Titanium headers as they are wider and lower than stock. 
I needed a bracket for the rearsets which is a exact copy of the Honda Racing item which I can safely say took a year or so to source. 
I took the opportunity to fit an LED flasher relay so I can remove the parts added to stop the flashing issues. 
Its now back together ready for the next series of changes. 

HRC Camshafts

I have managed to get myself a set of HRC cams for my bike.

The 2009 uses the 2008-2011 models. Mine are standing R4 and J and K

These are the 14110-MFL-R10 and 14210-MFL-R20 which offer more duration bat stock lift.

There are also uber rare WSB ones with a P/N 14110-NLRA-0001 an 14210-NLRA-0001 if you can find them.

I am told that they transform the bike so look forward to them being fitted.


HRC Manual correction CBR1000RR 08-16

I was putting together the front HRC clock bracket and was checking the parts in the HRC Manual and came across a mistake wth the part numbers.
It describes a grommet with part number 18357-KA4-710. After a bit of homework I found that this should be part number 80101-165-000 
Just in case anyone else needs to order the correct part.

Woolich Racing ECU Flash for the CBR1000RR

I have decided to try flashing the ECU on my stock fireblade ECU. 
I have a HRC ECU but at the moment gives me limited options. It will nit work on the existing bike due to HISS. I could bypass this by rewiring the loom to provide power to the fuel pump but would still lose the lights, indicators and fans. 
Keen to up the potential of the bike, the Woolich flash allows mapping like the HRC ecu but on a stock ECU instead. It also allows me to disable redundant features that have plugs installed and therefore adds weight to the bike. This also enables me to consider removing the Power commander and the Secondary Fuel Module.
The added bonus for me is that you can get both a bench loom and an on the bike loom. This gives me flexibility to tuning the bike anywhere.

Chinese clock case cover for the 08-11 CBR1000RR

A while back I swapped the fascia of my 2009 clocks to the black face in the 2011 Repsol model.
This fascia did not come cheap at around £160.
I recently bought a china copy for £14.50 as a test.
The seller is My_Sky007 based in china. There was several other sellers with similar locations and prices.
It took around a month to arrive and it seemed a good copy. When it was unpacked, it had a small 5p blemish on the clear plastic. I decided that I could probabky live with this if it was track only fairings so continued the clock swap. Unfortunely I run into two more problems. Firstly, the black rubber buttons did not touch the microswitch so needed to transfer the originals.Then trying to closed the case caused a 2mm gap so was not flush.
I worked on the assumption, that quality assurance may not be the best and maybe even just a bad on…

A few updates

Its been a while since I updated the blog but thought I would share a couple of updates.
Firstly, the Factory Honda Akrapovic exhaust is finally on the bike. The downside is that I was missing a bracket to fit to the factory Honda rearsets. I briefly started the bike and all I can say is that the sound is something special. I will of course dyno the bike and get a proper map for the bike in due course.
I overlooked these brackets when I was getting my parts together. It seems that Honda Racing use these on their BSB, TT and endurance bikes alongside John McGuinness and Jackson Racing to name a few. These add further credibility to my bike build based on HRC and Honda Racing parts

There is some tweaking required but the exhaust is on and sounds great. The next job will be fitting the exhaust bracket. 

My old Scorpion EXO helmet was getting past its best so opted to replace it. I was very tempted on a Marquez Shoei to suit the bike but opted for Arai RX-7V HRC version. I gambled on the size b…

Side stand bracket

As any followers know I have been keen to trim the weight of my bike. I reduced the weight of the side stand by swapping the bolts with custom Titanium versions. I have revisited the bracket and trimmed this down. This has shaved a mere 10 grams off the bike by removing the boss used for the stock gear lever. Whilst this isn't going to add bhp or dramatically lighten the bike, it does simplify and tidy the bike up. After all, Sometimes its the attention to detail that counts as much.

I have painted the bare aluminium so will blend in quite nicely.

What parts are common on the 2017 CBR1000RR

Well the Microfiche have arrived online for the new blade:

It does appear that the engine does still share quite a few ancilleries from the old engine.

Things like cylinder, chain tensioners, sprockets and many other parts are interchangeable.This includes some clutch components.

What this means for me is the HRC 08-16 parts will fit the new bike.

I will add as I compare:

HRC Steering Damper
HRC oil cooler 
HRC Gaskets

Things that seem unlikely to fit:

Fuel pump kit
Kit Clutch

HM Dash and GP Firmware update

After a long winter break, I have started to do some of those little jobs that I have overlooked.
HM Racing have been busy updating their software and firmware. The only criticism I have is that they do update their code but forget to tell anyone what if any benefits are included.
Firstly I updated the HM GP software, It's leapt to version 2.4 but again no idea what improvements have been made. I have updated to firmware 2.7 as seen in the screen shot.
I also upgraded the HM Dash Update tool to 2.14 and the firmware to 7L. This one is slightly different as this one is not described as a beta version. Again, no readme exists for what it offers. I presume its to cover new models.
Here is a small video to show the update

This has not been trouble free. I decided to try and use my new Windows 10 tablet for the update. I found that I could not turn off digital signatures as I was using Bitlocker. So any other Win 8/10 should be fine as long as no bit locker is used.

Some bike updates

I finally bit the bullet and bought a set of the Akrapovic titanium headers. These are the factory headers used on the Factory Honda in BSB and the TT. These I believe were used on John McPINTS bike so got some great heritage. 
I noticed on the 2013 TT bike that there was a sponge ring on the tank of John McPints bike. Having asked the question, found out was intended to hold the fuel cap when refuelling. A simple but sensible idea. I got one which will go on the track fairings.

I finally got around to fitting the floating rear rotor on the blade. I think it looks great and will ensure more even braking.
I finally got my battered Akrapovic end can repaired which looks much better. There is no denying that its used but its now in much better shape.
Here are some updates for the bike, Its been a while and many of these bits have been sat around for
a while.

I am having one of my damaged Akrapovic exhausts repacked so will be in much better condition. The headers I now have are full titanium and weigh next to nothing. I only noticed a small ding on one of the tubes but as they come from John McGuinness EMC bike can live with it.

HRC announce new partnership with fashion brand Pull&Bear

Honda Racing Corporation is pleased to announce the signing of an important new sponsorship agreement with Pull&Bear, the young fashion brand of the Inditex Group (Zara, Pull&Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home and Uterqüe).
Through this partnership, the 2017 and 2018 MotoGP World Championship seasons will find Pull&Bear’s logo on the race suits and clothing worn by reigning MotoGP World Champion Marc Márquez and teammate Dani Pedrosa, as well as the uniforms of the Repsol Honda Team and HRC staff.
The agreement also involves the Trial Repsol Honda Team, with 20-time World Champion Toni Bou, Takahisa Fujinami and Jaime Busto.
Pull&Bear recently announced it was becoming the new personal sponsor of Marc Márquez – an agreement linking the brand to the five-time World Champion for the next two years. Through this deal, the 23-year-old rider will design his first fashion collection in collaboration with Pull&Bear’s crea…

Padgetts Promach rearsets

I have always liked the Promach made rearsets for Padgetts.They are smart and simple to setup and usually branded as Padgetts. Padgetts know a thing or two about blades so have no doubt these will be a great addition to

I still like the Honda racing setup I have but these came up very cheap. Not surprising really as they were sold as spares and are missing parts. These have been round the track a few times for sure. These are a mashup of anodised and powdercoating which frankly are a complete mess.

I intend to refurb them so I will soon see what is under the mass of lumpy power coat. Using acetone to remove the powdercoat, they already look promising underneath.

Depending on how they come out, they will be aluminium or black anodised,

The black anodising shows plenty of use, I will use drain cleaner to lose this colour

I am clearly missing the brake reservoir bracket, pegs and some gear lever parts but confident that they be back in circulation.

Honda Racing Endurance fairing bracket EWC

This is the fairing suppoort bracket used by the Honda Endurance racing team and the Musashi Harc Pro Race team.

This holds the top part of the fairing in place and makes it more rigid.

This a rare and special item for my bike spares that will be hard to find.

HRC Clock Bracket

I have just picked up a unique HRC Clock Bracket. Its based on the standard version but tweaked a little. The biggest difference is the clock holder as its closer to the rider.

It will requires some work for the HM Dash but am sure it will work a treat.

HRC announce new partnership with SC-Project

HRC announce new partnership with SC-ProjectHonda Racing Corporation are pleased to announce a new partnership with SC-Project as official technical sponsor of exhaust systems for the Repsol Honda Team.
The SC-Project logo will feature on the RC213V bikes of reigning World Champion Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa during the 2017 and 2018 seasons.
SC-Project, an Italian Company based in Southwest Milan, is a leader in the manufacture of motorcycle exhaust systems, with a global distribution network. The brand is strongly established in the racing world, having enjoyed many years of technical cooperation and racing success at the highest level, including the MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 and SBK World Championships. SC-Project was technical partner to Johann Zarco’s Moto2 team as it earned the 2015 and ’16 World Championships.

Tetsuhiro Kuwata
HRC Director – General Manager Race Operations Management Division
“We are happy to welcome SC-Project as official sponsor of exhaus…