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Showing posts from December, 2016

Another year gone and here's to next years modifications

2016 presented another year of gathering HRC parts.

I accumalated HRC gearbox and camshaft sensors to suit the HRC cams and gearbox.

I added the Ten kate gear linkage which offered a more sure footed gear change.

I reviewed parts on the bike. I found that I could replace titanium bolts with hollow versions. This further reduces weight.

I got some custom titanium side stand bolts to help reduce the weight and protect the bike from corrosion.

I also did a cosmetic change. I switched the start switch to a rece spec version which included a red start button like the HRC bikes.

I have been working on a brake modification. This involved using a right angled connector
and Ten kate spring to improve braking feel and look.

I have three factory end caps and the aim to restore them to usable condition progressed with
new parts from Akrapovic. Each item was specially made for me and took up to 6 weeks.

Titanium Exhaust Nuts

As 2016 draws to a close, I was trawling through Ebay. I was pleased to find some M7 Titanium exhaust nuts for my fireblade. M7 is an odd size for nuts so some switch to M6 or M8 studs for more choice.

I had some alloy ones made to fit on my M8-M7 titanium exhaust studs but if I am honest was not sure how well they would last with the heat of the exhaust.