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Some great weight reduction products

When I first started work on my bike and looked at swapping Steel bolts for Titanium, there was very few choices. Nowadays there are a huge choice of manufacturers out there.

Here are a few unique choices of nuts and bolts that push weight reduction that tiny bit further.

From RLR Motosport, socket head bolts often get neglected from the race spec conversions.

Titanium race spec drilled socket head bolt

Titanium race spec drilled tapered socket head bolt

MVS Performance make Hollow Titanium bolts which offer Aluminium weights on Titanium products. 

Titanium hollow bolts

Racebolt offer the race spec nuts which was my bright idea. These are M10 sprocket bolts and look cool. They also offer M8 superbike sprocket bolts which are tiny and light.

Imitation is the sincerest complement apparently. RacePro on Ebay make race spec drilled nuts in M8 size and in many colours.

HRC Kit Deep Sump

I have got my hands on a HRC Kit Deep sump for the fireblade. These are described as an AMA/SBK item but used on the BSB bikes and on some TT bikes. Honda use this on the current bike but have held back at the TT due to potential clearance issues on the roads. They chose a shortened and reinforced sump instead.

I also have the Honda factory gaskets to fit with them and will source some longer titanium M6x32 race spec bolts.

For me, I see some potential minor improvements, The oil will be lower in the engine so reducing its chances of contanimation, the oil could be marginally cooler and the relief valve should offer better lubrication of engine components. Other advantages are that it has a window to see oil levels on the bike. I also imagine a slightly lower centre of gravity too for the bike.

This means the engine will have following parts ready to fit/fitted:

HRC Oil cooler
HRC Gearbox
HRC Clutch
HRC Clutch plates
HRC Exhaust Springs
HRC Generator
HRC Sump
HRC Breather kit
HRC Thermostat

New 2017 CBR1000RR Fireblade

Next years fireblade has finally been launched and just like the spy shots reveal, it's got some the slight Panigale look about it, 
In short, it's got some great innvovative features on it, notibly for me the SP2 have magnesium parts, the first production titanium tank and the dash taken from the RCV213-S. They state it's 90% new but I think that this is misleading. They may well be new parts but based on old proven design. The swingarm and frame are cosmetically the same as the old bike and share come items such as yokes, rearseats, stand and many other smaller parts. Just looking at the spy shots show the 08-15 parts fitted on the bike. It's all great news for me if I fancy an engine transplant as it will mean I can gain all the gucci electronics. 
For me though, Imitation is a complement, after I have the Marchesini wheels, lithium battery and alloy tank (Lighter than Titanium) pushing the weight of my bike below the weight of the new bike. The new Titanium exhaust i…