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Eazi-Grip Tank grips , Heel guards and gears

Eazi-Grip Tank Pads
I bought a universal set of Eazi-Grip Pro pads off ebay. I was inspired by a video by the guys who offer a custom pad service so decided I would have a go. As it turns out, I used a cheap chinese set as
a template and the results as you can see are brilliant. Fitting is very easy and the look and feel is outstanding. They also blend into the bike nicely. The truth is, the photo doesn't do them justice.

Why Eazi-grip? Well I tried Stompgrips and liked them. Their logo spoiled the looks and found I got air bubbles under the pad. These had no major problems. Also, Eazi-grip are used by the Honda Road Racing Team so made sense for me to use them. 

Carbon heel guard
I had a carbon heel guard before but this style guard is the same as the road racing teams. Its small and functional and keeps the factory look alive on the bike.
Factory gear

I revisited by HRC Gearbox and took a quick photo. As you can see, the gears ae beautifully made and almost a shame to use. Hopefully these will be hidden inside the bike when I have the engine work done.

Latest Photo
After foing the tank pads, heel guards and some tidying. It was time to take a photo. The bike is still looking great. 


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Awesome eagle eye headlights

Well I doubt I will ever be brave enough to buy a conversion like this but saw these and the think they look amazing. I find that a great deal of headlight conversion often look tacky and dread it when I hear of angel or demon eyes. These however seem tasteful and do seem to suit the lines of the bike.

New rear suspension link (AKA Dog Bone)

As a fan of making the CBR1000RR that little bit better, I stumbled across a shock linkage from Lee's Cycles.
The Honda CBR1000RR comes with a standard Shock linkage of 175mm. HRC provide these in different lengths (170mm-172mm) to change the handling of the bike.
The Lee's cycles link is 170mm long and is based on the HRC version at a fraction of the cost. 
HRC List 4 different links listed for the blade:
1) 52470-MFL-R10 CONN ROD ASSY., CUSHION R1 (Standard) 2) 52470-NLR-A20 CONN ROD ASSY., CUSHION (MEL) 166.2mm 3) 52470-NLR-A30 CONN ROD ASSY., CUSHION (P2) 178.8mm 4) 52470-NLR-A40 CONN ROD ASSY., CUSHION (P4) 170mm
In Brief, MEL is the most aggressive, P4 is less aggressive, P2 is quite flat and the unlisted is offers the characteristics of the P2 but adjusts ride height.
The idea in general gives better rear grip on the rear and raises the seat somewhat to transfer some weight to the front of the bike. 
Besides the obvious advantages to the handling 5mm means less material and a few…

HM Race Dash for CBR1000RR

I Here is a photo of my latest upgrade. A HM Dash for my blade. I like the look of it as its clean and modern compared to the 2008-2011 analogue version. This dash is filled with loads of features and includes a large gear indicator. As many know, its possible to fit a 2012-2015 speedo on a 2008-2011 but the built in gear indicator doesn't work due to some gearbox parts fitted on the later bikes. The HM Dash will free up my Heal Tech Speedo healer and when I do switch to the 2012-2015 fairings will make it hard to tell that this bike was made 6 years ago.
To give some idea of what it will look like, here is a photo from a former blade owners awesome bike (Thanks  Jamie!)  which looks fantastic!