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Two of my favourite magazine articles

This is slightly off topic but hopefully you will see where I am heading with this.
Both issues of Performance bikes share some gems of information about the Honda Fireblade.
Firstly, The May 2013 issue describes Batham Hondas work to convert former HM Plant Honda bikes to the newer BSB specification. It also has some great photo's of the bike. For me, this helped guide some of my modifications as these are the very parts on my bike.
Secondly, The April 2013 issue gives an insight into the TT Legends bike at Honda Racing UK. Again some photo's give a glimpse into the bike and helped spark ideas for my bike.
Another quality item is this years TT supplement from Performance bikes. This provides a overview of John McGuiness' bike.
If you can get a back issue I would recommend it as its a great little insight