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CBR1000RR clutch lever perch bolt

It has been a lot of trial and error with the clutch lever. I started off with FP Racing levers and switched to a clutch perch bolt to a Mettec Titanium perch bolt, I switched to a Brembo style clutch lever which looked great as it suited the brake lever. The only draw back was that it fouled the clocks. Sadly I sold the Mettec perch bolt and they no longer make them.

I switched back to a stock clutch perch but with the Brembo lever and looked for another Titanium clutch perch bolt. I asked a few times for Titan Classics to make a fireblade clutch perch bolt and they have. The good thing is that it cost £9.00 which is a lot cheaper than the Mettec ones.

Its an exact copy but in Titanium a perfect replacement.

Eazi-Grip custom traction pads

I have tried a variety of tank grips on the bike so far. I have used the original benchmark of Stompgrip traction pads. I used these on the HRC tank and found them good but there was not an exact shape for tank. The other thing I found was that the pricing was high for what you get.

When I switched back to a stock tank, I found myself wondering what to do with the traction pads again. I kind of felt that the Stompgrips were still expensive but at the time the only choice. I discovered a 'cheap set of chinese ones' on Ebay for a third of the price. I had low expectations and bit the bullet. To be fair to them, they use the same 3m tape that Stompgrip used but the biggest shortcoming for me was the colour. The were not truely clear. The product was competitive but let down at the final hurdle.

I heard about a UK company called Eazi-Grip and they offer a variety of types for the fireblade such as EVO and PRO variety. I also discovered that they also supply the Honda racing teams to…

Brembo Supersport rotors

I have a set of custom Galfer rotors but found they have a great deal of play. The play was so bad I thought the front shocks or steering head had play. When riding it's not noticeable but slow manoeuvre's really show off the problem.
It's funny how these things play on your mind and affect confidence. I have decided to source a set of Brembo Supersport disks which are thicker and probably better quality.

These discs are used in BSB and WSB as well as the TT so such all abilities on track and road. They also complement the Brembo M4 calipers fitted to the bike.

Awesome eagle eye headlights

Well I doubt I will ever be brave enough to buy a conversion like this but saw these and the think they look amazing. I find that a great deal of headlight conversion often look tacky and dread it when I hear of angel or demon eyes. These however seem tasteful and do seem to suit the lines of the bike.

Puig Repsol CBR1000RR Screen

Puig have released a screen for the 2015 Repsol CBR1000RR.

This would be nothing special if it wasn't for the fact that the company is now the team sponsor for MotoGP.

The other special thing is that they supply their own Repsol sticker to fit on their screen which would mean its a perfect fit and aligns with the factory decals.

The stock photo shows a light smoke but personally its the dark smoke for me thanks.

LED Flasher relay

It's a fairly simple modification but a good idea. I have LED indicators built into the brake light. At the moment I have resistors installed to stop the disco flashing. This solution is plug and play using the stock wiring. The benefit for me is the less joints and connectors to fail and lead to a neater build.
This unit is 4 pin for the european riders that have the hazard button.