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Rearset tweaks and brake modification

I finally fitted the alternative connector to the master cylinder. This will mean that the HRC Brake reservoir point up rather than a 30-45 degree angle. Its a simple modification that will look better in the bike. I also fitted the TKR Ten kate Racing return spring. This simply fits by removing the rubber guard and slides in its place.

I spent some time tweaking the rearsets. I found I had the rear brake pedal too high so it was a pain to brake and unsettled both myself and the bike as I shifted. Much happier new so will be ready for the revised master cylinder and hydraulic brake light switch to be fitted. 
I installed a spacer on the left side for the rearsets which I found was not needed. I have not removed it so will improve gear changes through better access to the pedal. 

HRC Clutch kit complete

I have just received the last part of the HRC Clutch kit. It does put me in a difficult position as I have the Sigma clutch which are used on the factory Honda BSB blades. So which do I go for. Well, I think its going to be a phone calls and a few conversations. 

Ten Kate Rear brake return spring

I have been looking at sorting out the rear brake master cylinder on the blade. I have just received the elbow for the HRC Reservoir hose and will try this out shortly. I decided would work on improving the general feel of the rear brake as well.

I found that Ten Kate have a return spring kit that fits the stock rear brake master cylinder. Its formed of two plates that sit between the body of the master cylinder and the clevis joint. I have no doubt that it will not transform breaking but like the idea that it will keep some tension on the pedal to keep the pads free from the discs. 

Whilst this kind of mod is not going to increase braking, improve top end or win races it will make the braking for me just that little bit smoother for me.

Here is a link to the kit

Another ride out

Here are a few pics of my ride out. I did about 40 miles, it took some getting used to the gearing but works great now. I was not happy with the rear brake lever setup so will focus on moving it around.

CBR1000RR Rear brake master cylinder modification

One of the tings I did not like on the bike was the way that the rear brake master cylinder is a 90 degree exit. This means that when you pop on the HRC reservoir kit, it unnecessarily bends round. The older master cylinders have an elbow setup which I think looks smarter.

A bit of research and it seems I can swap the 90 degree connector with an elbow connector. The part number is 43503-KS6-701 and will look and function better in my opinion.

I have ordered one and as its held in usin a circlip should be an easy change. I have played safe and bought a spare master cylinder to test the conversion.

Carbon and wiring updates.

I spent sometime tidying up a few bits on the bike. 
I rewired the HRC Starter switch using a donor stock switch. The result is the HRC run/stop and red buttons. Its easy to do and adds to the race look of the bike.
I recieved a replacement carbon trim from Zero Limits. Despite my feedback to them, the lug fitting broke immediately and fitment is poor as the clips to hold the fairing were again woefully inadequate. Its a shame, the carbon trim looks great and the customer service is first class. They are let down by build quality and the fittings. To their credit, they offered to supply a third or a refund. It's now riding season, so just going to stick with this for now.