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Bike upgrades

Here is a couple of photos of the work done on the bike. I fitted the hollow Titanium caliper bolts and the Titanium side stand nuts and bolts. they all save a small amount of weight but look great.

Repsol Decal Set for 2015 Repsol CBR1000RR

I have been after a full set of the kit stickers and finally got some. They have a part number apparently of 83702MKBE81. These are the finishing touch to the bike. I already have the Marquez and Pedrosa decals already but needed the smaller sponsors.

Some more updates in the pipeline

I have just bought a couple new HRC inlet springs ahead of the cam and head work for the bike. The aim is to get all new springs. Only another 6 to get!

I have also picked up another clutch friction plate to add to my spares list for the bike. The HRC ones always seem to cost more than the others, so when I can find them cheap I buy them.

I have also picked up a spare clutch centre nut. My plan is to get a copy made in titanium to further reduce weight of the bike.

The last Item I have picked up is the tensioner clip for the gear rod. These have a habit of bending which hampers smooth gear changes. 

I sent off the bolts for the sidestand so Titanium ones can be made. Its surprising how heavy the main bolt so should shed 34.5 grams and looking heaps better. It's a shame that they will be hidden.

I will be fitting one of my own designed hollow drilled titanium nuts so drop a little more weight and getting the bracket machined to remove a surplus fitting which again will shed more weight.