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Honda CBR1000RR 08-11 undertray from Zero Limits ( review

I have used zero limits now three times. 
The first was some underseat trims that were matt carbon and very nice. The only neative was the holes were too small so would not initially fit the tank. They were sold as the more expensive 100% carbon version and very nice.
I then bought a race sprocket cover. This again was good but will not fit my bike at all. I have put it down to my bike using Samco hoses. In Zero limits defence they said that no one else had a problem and offered its return for a refund.
As I got a new carbon undertray, I opted for a Carbon undertray part from Zero Limits. I paid extra for the 100% carbon version and waited about 4 weeks for it to be made.
When it arrived, I immediately noticed the clips used to hold the fairings onto the trim were all different lengths and thicknesses. Once of them looks like it would snap the first time its used. I decided to still try and fit the tray. I immediately found the stock screws would not fit the holes made in the tray. They we…

New video added

Here is a 30 second clip of the bike with the Michelin decals. Its the first time the bike has been started this year.

Michelin updates for the bike

I have had a moment or two to visit the bike and start some preparation for this year. I fitted some gold tape to keep the petrol tank cool. I tried to fit some Zero Limits carbon fibre and have to say with dissapointing results. The lugs are too small for the screws and insufficiently drilled out. So much so, one has broken. Back to the drawing board.
As the tyre choice has changed for MotoGP have fitted the Michelin decals ahead of the start of the season. The front decal comes from the original honda decal set when I bought the bike.

TKR Ten Kate Honda Racing Seat

I managed to get a seat used on the 2013-2015 Ten Kate / Honda Racing World Superbikes. These have a carbon composite base and embroidered. These were designed to fit on the Motocarbons race fairings. Whilst its used, its very trick and very rare.

HRC Camshaft springs and HRC oil pressure relief valve

The continued march through the HRC parts list for the fireblade continues.

I have just picked up a set of exhaust springs for the HRC Camshafts. I am told that the stock items work just as well, decided that should I switch to HRC Cams would use the recommended springs.

I managed to source the uprated oil pressure relief valve. Whilst this is geared to the AMA/BSB/WSB deeper sump they are used in TT bikes with stock sumps too. It seems to me if I am going to make engine tweaks, some time and care is needed with the oil pressure and cooling.

These valves look similar to stock but have a blue dot on them to separate them from the stock item.