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Showing posts from February, 2016

Hollow Titanium front brake bolts

I currently have the Pro-bolt Titanium bolts but switching to these. These are hollow Titanium bolts and will be lighter than the Pro-bolt item and any other on the market.

The stock steel bolts are hollow so these seem a good choice. 

The stock bolts weigh in at 132 grams and the Pro-bolt ones are just 82 grams so already a nice weight saving on the front end. These bolts come in at just 66 grams! Thats nearly half the weight of the standard item.

Carbon trim and HRC Gearbox sensor

Its been a quiet month or so for me but here are a few bits sorted for the bike.

I have a replacement HRC Gearbox speed sensor to complement the HRC gearbox, a carbon fibre undertray trim and gold tape for the tank. 

The gold tape is used in BSB and WSB to help keep the tank cooler and help fuelling. I doubt if I will see any benefit but I guess it must work as its common place on the bikes.