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Ten Kate gear bracket fitted

Here is a photo of the Ten Kate gear lever bracket fitted. It's better than the stock as it makes the rod almost 90 degrees for more positive gear changes. I have yet to test it fully but it looks and feels better already.

HRC Sensors

As I prepare for a full HRC conversion. It became obvious some stock parts may look like the HRC kit.  It's all to easy buying race and track bikes that have HRC kit on them but mixed with stock sensors on the looms. The HRC Sensors cost £££'s so often left out of gearbox or camshaft upgrades.

Here is a quick guide:

The HRC camshaft guide is quite easy to identify. The HRC sensor has a wire and plug setup. 

The gearbox sensor is the other item that is worth checking. The only way to identify the HRC item, is a red paint dot on the sensor as seen below.