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Another year gone and here's to next years modifications

2016 presented another year of gathering HRC parts.

I accumalated HRC gearbox and camshaft sensors to suit the HRC cams and gearbox.

I added the Ten kate gear linkage which offered a more sure footed gear change.

I reviewed parts on the bike. I found that I could replace titanium bolts with hollow versions. This further reduces weight.

I got some custom titanium side stand bolts to help reduce the weight and protect the bike from corrosion.

I also did a cosmetic change. I switched the start switch to a rece spec version which included a red start button like the HRC bikes.

I have been working on a brake modification. This involved using a right angled connector
and Ten kate spring to improve braking feel and look.

I have three factory end caps and the aim to restore them to usable condition progressed with
new parts from Akrapovic. Each item was specially made for me and took up to 6 weeks.

Titanium Exhaust Nuts

As 2016 draws to a close, I was trawling through Ebay. I was pleased to find some M7 Titanium exhaust nuts for my fireblade. M7 is an odd size for nuts so some switch to M6 or M8 studs for more choice.

I had some alloy ones made to fit on my M8-M7 titanium exhaust studs but if I am honest was not sure how well they would last with the heat of the exhaust.

Favourite Fireblade designs

Its always interesting to see other colour schemes for the fireblade from the usual Repsol design. 
Here are a few of my favourite colour schemes together. 

The new CBR1000RR, not so much out with the old.

It has been interesting reading the press releases for the new 2017 Honda CBR1000RR.

As usual, many compare the bike to Kawasaki, Aprilia, BMW, R1 and Ducati. Yes its not 200 bhp and yes it does not compete with these. Its clear that this exercise has been refinement rather than a
bang on competitor to the others.

As you go other the Fireblade, SP and SP2 you begin to realise that despite the '90% new parts' is a little misleading, Yes they are new parts but some based largely on the originals. I suspect that replacing some fairing stays, rad hose,  headlight, air ducts and clock bracket and the new fairings would fit. Even the engine still shares features from the old blade engine but with more HP.

The new bikes use the same top yokes, stand, rearsets and so on. The standard CBR1000RR SC77 has all the same components as the old bike bolted on the updated lightened frame,swingarm, engine and electronics.

The talk about reducing the size of the bike. Its worth mentioning that …

Some great weight reduction products

When I first started work on my bike and looked at swapping Steel bolts for Titanium, there was very few choices. Nowadays there are a huge choice of manufacturers out there.

Here are a few unique choices of nuts and bolts that push weight reduction that tiny bit further.

From RLR Motosport, socket head bolts often get neglected from the race spec conversions.

Titanium race spec drilled socket head bolt

Titanium race spec drilled tapered socket head bolt

MVS Performance make Hollow Titanium bolts which offer Aluminium weights on Titanium products. 

Titanium hollow bolts

Racebolt offer the race spec nuts which was my bright idea. These are M10 sprocket bolts and look cool. They also offer M8 superbike sprocket bolts which are tiny and light.

Imitation is the sincerest complement apparently. RacePro on Ebay make race spec drilled nuts in M8 size and in many colours.

HRC Kit Deep Sump

I have got my hands on a HRC Kit Deep sump for the fireblade. These are described as an AMA/SBK item but used on the BSB bikes and on some TT bikes. Honda use this on the current bike but have held back at the TT due to potential clearance issues on the roads. They chose a shortened and reinforced sump instead.

I also have the Honda factory gaskets to fit with them and will source some longer titanium M6x32 race spec bolts.

For me, I see some potential minor improvements, The oil will be lower in the engine so reducing its chances of contanimation, the oil could be marginally cooler and the relief valve should offer better lubrication of engine components. Other advantages are that it has a window to see oil levels on the bike. I also imagine a slightly lower centre of gravity too for the bike.

This means the engine will have following parts ready to fit/fitted:

HRC Oil cooler
HRC Gearbox
HRC Clutch
HRC Clutch plates
HRC Exhaust Springs
HRC Generator
HRC Sump
HRC Breather kit
HRC Thermostat

New 2017 CBR1000RR Fireblade

Next years fireblade has finally been launched and just like the spy shots reveal, it's got some the slight Panigale look about it, 
In short, it's got some great innvovative features on it, notibly for me the SP2 have magnesium parts, the first production titanium tank and the dash taken from the RCV213-S. They state it's 90% new but I think that this is misleading. They may well be new parts but based on old proven design. The swingarm and frame are cosmetically the same as the old bike and share come items such as yokes, rearseats, stand and many other smaller parts. Just looking at the spy shots show the 08-15 parts fitted on the bike. It's all great news for me if I fancy an engine transplant as it will mean I can gain all the gucci electronics. 
For me though, Imitation is a complement, after I have the Marchesini wheels, lithium battery and alloy tank (Lighter than Titanium) pushing the weight of my bike below the weight of the new bike. The new Titanium exhaust i…

The new Honda 2017 CBR1000RR

This appears to be spy shot of the new 2017 CBR1000RR.

What this leaked photo and mashup from Asphalt and Rubber shows are some similarities but also some differences.

This shows the potential model. The website seem to miss a few pointers.

What this photo shows is a standard non-SP model with standard ABS model as its got stock forks and the stock Tokico brakes. It has the existing style swingarm and revised wheels. The frame seems similar but missing the radiator hose as its access point to the engine is lower. Another thing not so obvious is the crank case. This side has the clutch casing that is different to the current model. The fairings, tail and headlight are all different. The subframe is clearly resyles with similar mounting points.

I imagine that these are similar to the new TSR Musashi endurance bikes. This interestingly had a new headlight (So did the TSR Team and a new style curved exhaust). They also briefly had a different swingarm that fitted a different shock.

Whist …

CBR1000RR 2008-2011 Akrapovic Headers comparison

I have spent a bit of time doing research for the Akrapovic headers. With the exception of the Factory headers the Racing line and evolution line are the same setup but only differ in material.


Headers: 4 x 38 / 4 x 42.3
Collectors: 4×42 / 2×45 
Link Pipe: 2×45 / 48 / 52


Racing Line - Stainless 
Evolution Line - Titanium
Factory - Link pipes sit lower to ground so fitment issues on stock fairings

Parts List:


PF-40 - FLANGE X 4 (SS D42,5 × 62/4)
also needed are springs PS-1

Evolution Line (Titanium):

P-82 -  INNER SLEEVE X 4 (SS D40/45 × 20)
PF-40 - FLANGE X 4 (SS D42,5 × 62/4)
also needed are springs PS-1

Factory Honda Race Headers:


Eazi-Grip Tank grips , Heel guards and gears

I bought a universal set of Eazi-Grip Pro pads off ebay. I was inspired by a video by the guys who offer a custom pad service so decided I would have a go. As it turns out, I used a cheap chinese set as a template and the results as you can see are brilliant. Fitting is very easy and the look and feel is outstanding. They also blend into the bike nicely. The truth is, the photo doesn't do them justice.
Why Eazi-grip? Well I tried Stompgrips and liked them. Their logo spoiled the looks and found I got air bubbles under the pad. These had no major problems. Also, Eazi-grip are used by the Honda Road Racing Team so made sense for me to use them. 
I had a carbon heel guard before but this style guard is the same as the road racing teams. Its small and functional and keeps the factory look alive on the bike.

I revisited by HRC Gearbox and took a quick photo. As you can see, the gears ae beautifully made and almost a shame to use. Hopefully these will be hidden inside the bike when I hav…
The project to bring these exhausts back to life is coming along nicely. After badgering Akrapovic, got part numbers and ordered some parts. As the photo shows replacement rivet bands, rivets and the end cap. I have also ordered the factory packing kit. Below is a pic of a custom bracket that hides behind the rearset. Its made out of stainless steel so heavy but will use this to make something lighter in alloy.

Two of my favourite magazine articles

This is slightly off topic but hopefully you will see where I am heading with this.
Both issues of Performance bikes share some gems of information about the Honda Fireblade.
Firstly, The May 2013 issue describes Batham Hondas work to convert former HM Plant Honda bikes to the newer BSB specification. It also has some great photo's of the bike. For me, this helped guide some of my modifications as these are the very parts on my bike.
Secondly, The April 2013 issue gives an insight into the TT Legends bike at Honda Racing UK. Again some photo's give a glimpse into the bike and helped spark ideas for my bike.
Another quality item is this years TT supplement from Performance bikes. This provides a overview of John McGuiness' bike.
If you can get a back issue I would recommend it as its a great little insight

CBR1000RR clutch lever perch bolt

It has been a lot of trial and error with the clutch lever. I started off with FP Racing levers and switched to a clutch perch bolt to a Mettec Titanium perch bolt, I switched to a Brembo style clutch lever which looked great as it suited the brake lever. The only draw back was that it fouled the clocks. Sadly I sold the Mettec perch bolt and they no longer make them.

I switched back to a stock clutch perch but with the Brembo lever and looked for another Titanium clutch perch bolt. I asked a few times for Titan Classics to make a fireblade clutch perch bolt and they have. The good thing is that it cost £9.00 which is a lot cheaper than the Mettec ones.

Its an exact copy but in Titanium a perfect replacement.

Eazi-Grip custom traction pads

I have tried a variety of tank grips on the bike so far. I have used the original benchmark of Stompgrip traction pads. I used these on the HRC tank and found them good but there was not an exact shape for tank. The other thing I found was that the pricing was high for what you get.

When I switched back to a stock tank, I found myself wondering what to do with the traction pads again. I kind of felt that the Stompgrips were still expensive but at the time the only choice. I discovered a 'cheap set of chinese ones' on Ebay for a third of the price. I had low expectations and bit the bullet. To be fair to them, they use the same 3m tape that Stompgrip used but the biggest shortcoming for me was the colour. The were not truely clear. The product was competitive but let down at the final hurdle.

I heard about a UK company called Eazi-Grip and they offer a variety of types for the fireblade such as EVO and PRO variety. I also discovered that they also supply the Honda racing teams to…

Brembo Supersport rotors

I have a set of custom Galfer rotors but found they have a great deal of play. The play was so bad I thought the front shocks or steering head had play. When riding it's not noticeable but slow manoeuvre's really show off the problem.
It's funny how these things play on your mind and affect confidence. I have decided to source a set of Brembo Supersport disks which are thicker and probably better quality.

These discs are used in BSB and WSB as well as the TT so such all abilities on track and road. They also complement the Brembo M4 calipers fitted to the bike.

Awesome eagle eye headlights

Well I doubt I will ever be brave enough to buy a conversion like this but saw these and the think they look amazing. I find that a great deal of headlight conversion often look tacky and dread it when I hear of angel or demon eyes. These however seem tasteful and do seem to suit the lines of the bike.

Puig Repsol CBR1000RR Screen

Puig have released a screen for the 2015 Repsol CBR1000RR.

This would be nothing special if it wasn't for the fact that the company is now the team sponsor for MotoGP.

The other special thing is that they supply their own Repsol sticker to fit on their screen which would mean its a perfect fit and aligns with the factory decals.

The stock photo shows a light smoke but personally its the dark smoke for me thanks.

LED Flasher relay

It's a fairly simple modification but a good idea. I have LED indicators built into the brake light. At the moment I have resistors installed to stop the disco flashing. This solution is plug and play using the stock wiring. The benefit for me is the less joints and connectors to fail and lead to a neater build.
This unit is 4 pin for the european riders that have the hazard button. 

Rearset tweaks and brake modification

I finally fitted the alternative connector to the master cylinder. This will mean that the HRC Brake reservoir point up rather than a 30-45 degree angle. Its a simple modification that will look better in the bike. I also fitted the TKR Ten kate Racing return spring. This simply fits by removing the rubber guard and slides in its place.

I spent some time tweaking the rearsets. I found I had the rear brake pedal too high so it was a pain to brake and unsettled both myself and the bike as I shifted. Much happier new so will be ready for the revised master cylinder and hydraulic brake light switch to be fitted. 
I installed a spacer on the left side for the rearsets which I found was not needed. I have not removed it so will improve gear changes through better access to the pedal. 

HRC Clutch kit complete

I have just received the last part of the HRC Clutch kit. It does put me in a difficult position as I have the Sigma clutch which are used on the factory Honda BSB blades. So which do I go for. Well, I think its going to be a phone calls and a few conversations. 

Ten Kate Rear brake return spring

I have been looking at sorting out the rear brake master cylinder on the blade. I have just received the elbow for the HRC Reservoir hose and will try this out shortly. I decided would work on improving the general feel of the rear brake as well.

I found that Ten Kate have a return spring kit that fits the stock rear brake master cylinder. Its formed of two plates that sit between the body of the master cylinder and the clevis joint. I have no doubt that it will not transform breaking but like the idea that it will keep some tension on the pedal to keep the pads free from the discs. 

Whilst this kind of mod is not going to increase braking, improve top end or win races it will make the braking for me just that little bit smoother for me.

Here is a link to the kit