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Some more updates

Here is a new gear link bracket from Ten Kate. This will give a bit more room for a sprocket cover and also means that the link rod is practically 90 degrees so should shift better, I have added hollow Titanium bolts to finish the conversion.
As part of my future upgrades, I have also bought a HRC Cam sensor which will be used with HRC cams and the HRC ECU and Loom. This would compliment the HRC Power up kit which puts out around 200 bhp.

Who can be more HRC than HRC?

I have just come back from the NEC where the Motorcycle live show. 

Whilst I appreciate the bikes aren't EXACTLY the same in all cases as the ones hauled round the BSB circuit or a certain island up north they are pretty much identical.

 Here are three pics from the Honda Bikes. Both the BSB and TT Legends have opted for what appears to be the standard generator. Padgetts have opted for the HRC Generator. This can been seen with blue and red pipes to the cover. 

Both Honda BSB and TT Legends have opted for something different. Honda went for a race swingarm where the TT Legends have used a modified stock swingarm to use. Padgetts have again opted for the HRC Swingarm for the bike. 

All bikes use the same rearsets from Honda and vary between crude brackets on the Padgetts to thumb brakes on the Honda bikes. Whilst Padgetts have used factory parts the bike at times looks crude but ruthlessly efficient. 
Having a glance around and it seems linkages, dampers and so on are the same across t…