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Putting the HRC into your Fireblade

It still amazed me that when you buy a HRC or Repsol Replica that Honda might ask you to pay more for the paint but nothing else is different. If you bought a new RS,GTI or VXR you would feel slightly robbed if you found that it was the same as every other model but a fancy paint job and badge.

Honda kind of listened as we now have the SP which does have a few race inspired tweaks and bling for the bike as standard.

HRC goes to great lengths to stick "For competition use only, not for road use and will invalidate manufacturers warranty stickers on everything they sell.". The simple truth is many of the parts are often based on what is mass produced on the road bikes anyway.

Here's a quick guide to what HRC kit can go on the 09-15 Fireblade with little or no further modifications. I will exclude the significant engine parts but will mention some parts.

Like HRC, I obviously take no responsibility if you do fit the parts and anything goes wrong.

HRC Oil pan set - These cost big bucks and if you get hold off one work great. They are deeper than stock and hold more oil to keep the bike cooler. This does just bolt on a stock engine and unless you are racing will see little difference other than bragging rights.

Thermostat and Oil filler cap - The Thermostat opens at 62 degrees and allows the engine to run cooler which in some countries may be a bonus. Again fits the standard engine. The oil filler cap is the same as a stock cap but has a drilled hole should you be unable to drill a small hole.

Clutch - The competition clutch and plates are a straight swap so a favourite for track day riders

Air Funnel Set - These are a straight swap and moves the power band on the bike.There are many other versions such as 14/SP and TKR ones that offer similar. It is worth noting a dyno will get the best out of them and that in some cases offers less power where needed on the road.

Throttle and Clutch cable - Another popular update. These offer quicker throttle control on a standard bike as you don't need to twist the throttle so much. The clutch cable is slightly shorter and harder wearing than standard.

Steering Damper - This is the same size as the standard KYB electronic version but this is manually adjusted so plug and play. Its worth buying a resistor to cheat the bike to think that the standard damper is still fitted. Whilst it sounds a step back by going from electronic to manual, a few track day riders have stated the stock damper cannot cope well with track speeds and damping at the same time.

Front forks and brakes - Apart from the underslung brakes, these are largely based on the stock items and specification so would fit fine unmodified.

Fuel Tank set - Fits the stock tank and lowers the centre of gravity of the pump without any changes.

Air injection plug set - Can be fitted as part of the pair valve but personally worth just using the TKR block off plates.

Exhaust set - This will fit but even HONDA doesn't even use this!

Swingarm - Fits the stock bike. Its worth noting that it need the HRC spacers and that it uses a SC57 (04-07) axle should you not use the quick release kit.

Cushion (shock) - This will fit stock bikes without a problem

Engine hanger bolt - These all fit the standard bike with no problem


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