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Some more updates in the pipe line.

Its been a busy few months with the bike but there are a few more things in the pipeline to fit.

Firstly I have a race carbon fibre sprocket cover. Well I say cover, its more of a surround. This cover is functional as it protects the hoses and alternator wires and part covers the chain. 
As if the rear has not been tidied up enough, I am replacing Titanium bolt used to hold the number plate bracket. The new one weighs just 12 grams which is the same weight of solid bolt 5mm shorter. For me, the gucci hollow bolt will look great and suit the new theme for the bike.
I had a real carbon tank protector on my 2011 tank but they don't fit the HRC style tank. Now I also have a 2015 Stock tank, It was time to get a new one but tried to use another supplier. I ordered one from Newcarid on Ebay but for whatever reason it never got delivered and they kept my money. Despite an ebay dispute they don't reply to emails. So buyers beware that they are untrustworthy. I have since gone back to my …

More updates and tweaks

I have the standard Brembo reservoir bottle fitted to the blade. This is the type everyone seems to use when they upgrade to the RCS19. I noticed that the Ducati Monster and Kawasaki models use the Brembo smoked brake reservoir. This fits nicely with my theme of smoked screen, headlights, indicators and tail light. I got a 2012 anniversary tank nice and cheap so got it painted Repsol Orange. I have fitted this to compliment the stock look. As the photo shows, it looks quite smart and true to the original 2015 design but with a couple of personal touches.
As part of the update I replaced the Ohlins fork bolts with gold anodised bolts. Its just another item to add the personal touch to the bike.

Putting the HRC into your Fireblade

It still amazed me that when you buy a HRC or Repsol Replica that Honda might ask you to pay more for the paint but nothing else is different. If you bought a new RS,GTI or VXR you would feel slightly robbed if you found that it was the same as every other model but a fancy paint job and badge.

Honda kind of listened as we now have the SP which does have a few race inspired tweaks and bling for the bike as standard.

HRC goes to great lengths to stick "For competition use only, not for road use and will invalidate manufacturers warranty stickers on everything they sell.". The simple truth is many of the parts are often based on what is mass produced on the road bikes anyway.

Here's a quick guide to what HRC kit can go on the 09-15 Fireblade with little or no further modifications. I will exclude the significant engine parts but will mention some parts.

Like HRC, I obviously take no responsibility if you do fit the parts and anything goes wrong.

HRC Oil pan set - These cost…

Some Updated photos

Here are a few pics of the bike after a few hours fettling on the bike. I have removed the black decal wings on the tank to match the current MotoGP design, and fitted the Taylormade exhaust.  The tail unit has now been tidied up with integrated indicators and small numberplate bracket.