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A couple more updates

It occured to me that while I am progressing the upgrades, I was missing out on the fairing bolts. I had titanium ones but the head size was small and did not really look too smart with the white fairings. I chose black aluminiun anodised as they are lighter and with a 16mm head fit the recesses perfectly.  I am very please with the replacement undertray. It did however highlight that the metal number plate bracket is big heavy and clumsy. I will be switching to the carbon one which will complement the undertray and lose a bit of wasted weight. I have yet to decide what to do with indicators as the bracket limits my options.

Fairing upgrade

I have had a busy week with the upgrade of the bike to the 2015 design. It's not complete as I am looking to get a 2015 stock tank cover for the bike.

I am keen to keep the smooth look of the 2008-2011 tail on the bike as it looks smart and functional.I have replaced the BS Motorsport undertray as its fitment was poor. This carbon fibre undertray fits perfectly and looks great. 

Before I started, I had to remove all the fairings. I must admit, I didn't look forward to this but found it very easy to do. As I did this I unearthed a few things on the bike that needed doing. For example, surplus cables and steel bolts not replaced. 

Here is the bike with the lower fairing fitted to the bike. I had an issue with the HM Dash so this was sent off at the same time. This saved me messing around later re-fitting it.

Here is the bike with the right hand side complete. I got the dash back and fitted the nose with chinese headlights and air ducts. I opted for the headlights as they were smoked…

Repsol SP Rear cowl

As part of the conversion, I have bought the SP Seat cowl. This will complement the 2015 Repsol fairings and offer a bit more back support when riding the bike. The tail unit I intend to use will remain the 2008-2011 version. This will keep the slim and curvy appearance of the rear.

The conversion has started

I bought the HRC competition clutch centre as part of the conversion for the bike. As I have the HRC Gearbox, clutch plates and Sigma clutch will fit the HRC clutch basket and this centre to complete the upgrade. When I bought the HRC Swingarm, I never bought the Quick release spindle at the time but a new one come up which will be used to create a titanium version.

Here's the bike stripped down ready for the 2015 conversion. Its been an interesting process as it has shown me more steel bolts to replace and parts that have been left behind as part of pair mods. I had never removed the fairings and left it to the pro's but was surprised how easy it was. I just hope that the new fairings will be equally easy. Somehow I think not.
I fitted the Brembo clutch lever to the blade. I have switch back to the standard perch as this does not foul the speedo or have cabling issues. As always, I could not just pop the old clutch lever on. This is in fact the Suzuki one. There is no difference…