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Hollow Titanium bolts fitted.

Here is the latest upate to the bike. The guys at MVS Performance made them for me slightly longer for the brake reservoir bracket. The weight saving for the M6x20 hollow bolt works out 0.2 grams against the existing race spec titanium bolt. 

As part of the conversion here is the Suzuki perch with a Hollow Titanium Race Spec bolt from MVS. 

I revisited the endurance lifters and fitted som better sized MVS hollow titanium race spec bolts. I also replaced the chrome plated domed bolts with Titanium. These bolts were 3.7 grams down to just 1.9grams
I bought some Titanium domed bolts to replace the stock item, The standard ones weigh 3.2 grams and the replacements weigh 1.9 grams. A small but nice conversion.

More updates

I have received the genuine Honda 26 and 93 stickers for the fireblade. Here are a couple of photos of the test fitting to the nose cone. I cannot decide which to go for! Do I go for the World Champion or the trusted long term Repsol rider Dani? 
I also picked up a Brembo brake reservoir cover for my Brembo RCS19 Master cylinder. It was cheap and a great addition to the setup.
I have sourced an Akrapovic and HRC decal for the exhausts. Its heat proof and and a great addition to reveal that the can is not your typical off the shelf number. I will be getting one a fraction smaller to replicate the standard Akrapovic sticker.

250,000 page visits. A big thankyou to all my visitors

A big thankyou to everyone for visiting my blog.  The 250,000 visits helps tell me that all my time, effort and money spent on my bike has been worthwhile to others.

Pedrosa number board stickers

Here are my board stickers for my 2015 Repsol Conversion. I am still undecided whether so go for these or the Marc Marquez 93 stickers on the bike.
These have Part numbers:
86874-MKB-E80  Large 26 Decal
86875-MKB-E800 Small Pedrosa screen decals x 2

Undertray Upgrade

I bought an undertray which was nice and sleek. The only problem  as it was sheet metal was not a perfect fit. As a result, I will replace it with a nice carbon fibre unit which will be a better fit. This will suit the 2015 upgrade perfectly.

More work on the bike

The upgrades are slowing down at the moment as I head for the 2015 upgrade. In the meantime here are a couple of things I have done this week. I have replaced the Titanium foot peg bolts with hollow titanium bolts. When I say these are light, I cannot begin to describe how light these are! Also I fitted a gold anodised titanium perch bolt for the Brembo RCS19 lever. I would not normally be happy with gold but Brembo use the gold bolts on the MotoGP bike setup.