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Fairing update

Here is a pic of the smoked headlight for my bike conversion. Its a cheap chinese copy of the original but to be honest, the build quality is good and a perfect fit with the upper fairing. Time will tell about the final fitment but its promising so far.
I received my genuine lower Honda Repsol fairing this week so almost have the full set. I am quite excited at the prospect of these being fitted as it will look amazing.
I have all received a set of 2012-2015 air ducts. I opted for some chinese copies for 2 reasons. 1 They are much cheaper and 2 that I will be gutting them to offer better air flow.

Akrapovic factory Honda BSB TT ENDURANCE exhaust

I missed the chance to buy Michael RUTTERS old exhaust when Bathams switched to BMW. Well a system came up with 6 end cans. I won't dwell on what happened but ended up with three cans. I got 1 can that is in good usable condition, one can has been damaged and tweaked for a db killer and a remaining one that is usable but damage to the titanium rivet band and carbon fibre. These cans were not sold to the general public so very exclusive.

My plan is to restore them to their former condition as best i can. 
These can's were seen last year on the Urban Tiger BSB bike and the Honda Endurance team.

Here is a pic of the cans. The one without the badge is the one I have tackled first to assess the work involved. I removed the badge as it was hiding burnt adhesive which has polished up a treat. These exhausts are uber rare so looking to get them usable and ready for a set of headers one day. Two will need new carbon tips and Titanium bands to get them to a good standard. Even after all th…

Some more work done

This is purely cosmetic for now. I was interested in changing the switch gear to the HRC item, There is a problem with the HRC Switch gear for the fireblade road bike as it does not have front brake switch wiring as its not needed. The solution is to replace the plastic casings from the HRC to the stock which as you can see, the first test was the button but the remaining will also transfer too. Interestingly, The RCV213S also uses the same switchgear but has a grey start button instead of black (stock) or red (HRC).

Here is a pic of the HRC Subframe I picked up. This is part of my rainy day project should I convert to a track bike.

Carbon and custom updates

When I got the rearsets, I received a rose joint and rod to alter the standard rear brake cylinder. This I felt was clunky. Instead I have used a joint made by Gilles to mate the two together. This required a rod to be made up to my specification. Here it is fitted.

Whats next?

To keep the theme, the nut on the rear brake master cylinder will be swapped for titanium. I am also upgrading the Titanium bolts to hollow titanium race spec bolts.