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Hollow rear brake bracket bolts fitted

I managed to find a manufacturer in Germany who makes some hollow titanium bolts for my Brembo brake bracket. The quality is amazing and weigh only 4,5 grams each as seen in the photo, look very smart. I plan to get some more of these to use on my new rearsets to further reduce weight.

A short trip out

I spent a few hours finishing off the titanium on the rearsets
and took the bike out to check they work fine. After a short ride,
it confirmed all is well with them.

I have some things to do with them. As they are race setup the gears are upside down which feels surprisingly natural.

I need to install a Hydraulic Brake switch and a revised sprocket cover. Overall, very pleased with the kit.

2015 Repsol conversion

Here is the finished nose cone. It started off life as an Anniversary version but removed the sticker and replaced it with the repsol version. I also obtained an SP lower fairing that was also given the Repsol treatment too.