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2008 to 2015 CBR1000RR Conversion

If you put aside any frame, engine and exhaust changes, the 2008 bikes are the same as 2015 bikes. This means that it is possible to replace the old fairings and give them the newer 2012-2015 look.

Here are a few pointers:


The new digital clocks will fit but needer a later loom from the 2012-2015 bike


The later lights use the same connectors as the 2008 so plug and play

Air ducts

2012-2015 Air ducts are required

Tail unit

A new undertray is required and changed in 2008 & 2010 but will need swapping


All the black plastic trims are not compatible on the 2008 so these will need to be replaced with the 2012-2015

SP Subframe

The lighter SP subframe is identical to stock so can replace the standard item.

I am slowly accumulating the 2012-2015 parts that will eventually be used to make the bike into the 2015 Repsol Replica.


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1) 52470-MFL-R10 CONN ROD ASSY., CUSHION R1 (Standard) 2) 52470-NLR-A20 CONN ROD ASSY., CUSHION (MEL) 166.2mm 3) 52470-NLR-A30 CONN ROD ASSY., CUSHION (P2) 178.8mm 4) 52470-NLR-A40 CONN ROD ASSY., CUSHION (P4) 170mm
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