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HRC P1 gearbox

Here is my new gearbox. It's ready to pop straight in and offers better acceleration through the gears. It's also made stronger than the stock gearbox which is known to suffer.

HRC Kit Gearbox

I have managed to source a HRC P1 Gearbox for the bike. This will replace the standard one which in racing circles is known to have a fragile 3rd gear. The main difference between stock and the HRC item is build quality and this configuration is close ratio.

Here is a comparison in gears (Stock / HRC):

Main shaft - 14T /14T
Gear countershaft 1 - 32T /32T
Gear Mainshaft 2 - 18T / 17T
Gear Countershaft 2 - 32T / 33T
Gear Mainshaft 3 Mainshaft 4 - 18T /20T
Gear Countershaft 3  - 33T / 30T
Gear Countershaft 4 - 32T / 30T
Gear Countershaft 5-  34T / 31T
Gear Mainshaft 5 - 28T / 23T
Gear Mainshaft 6 - 29T / 22T
Gear Countershaft 6 -  33T / 27T

Here are the Nova Racing Specifications an example:

1st15 - 36

2nd15 - 30
3rd16 - 27
4th18 - 27
5th19 - 26
5th22 - 28

Subframe and conversion update

Here is a pic of the SP subframe in all its glory. Its now powder coated and looks great. I can't wait to fit it to the bike.
I have attached a pic of the nose cone that will become the 2015 Repsol CBR1000RR. This is a nose cone off the 2012 anniversary edition. It has a black v stripe which I have removed and as the photos show, no fade or discolouration. Next stop will be the 3 stickers and headlights.

CBR1000RR SP Subframe

I finally sourced a Honda SP Subframe for my bike. As seen in the photo, its the silver 2014 version so will be powder coated black to match the bike. The main difference is that its a little lighter, looks way cooler and has now fixings for rear passenger pegs. This will look great on the bike

Repsol SP Fairing Conversion Part Numbers

I thought I would put a list of the part numbers for the items needed for the conversion. This assumes that the existing speedo clocks remain and the subframe isn't replaced. If you want to add a newer speedo as part of the conversion then a new headlight loom is also required.


* A new Headlight is required
** New underseat trim required
*** The part numbers are USA part numbers and untested so check with dealer. USA fairings read CBR1000RR instead of CBR Fireblade

**** I have added the UK Middle fairing part numbers which have Fireblade

Right Middle Cowl 64300-MKB-E80ZA ****

Left Middle Cowl 64350-MKB-E80ZA ******

Right Middle Inner Cowl 64370-MGP-D01

Left Middle Inner Cowl 64375-MGP-D01

Right Lower Cowl 64400-MKB-E80ZA

Left Lower Cowl 64440-MKB-E80ZA

Right Cowl Layer 64411-MGP-D01

Left Cowl Layer 64421-MGP-D11

Left Cowl Layer 64424-MGP-D10

Right air duct cover 64230-MGP-D00

Left air duct cover 64240-MGP-D00

Right dust cover seal 64121-MGP-D00

Left dust cover seal 64123-MGP-D00

Tank cover 8315…

Latest bike pic

Here is my latest bike pic before the bike went off to have the HRC swingarm and generator fitted. This shows the new tail tidy, colour coded seat trim and stomp grips on the bike.

Repsol CBR1000RR SP Fairing conversion

Here is a Left hand lower side ready for stickers. I have also sourced a right hand fairing too.
This will be a slowtime conversion but the conversion from 2009 Repsol to 2015 Repsol has started. 
Slightly off topic but managed to source a set of HRC Spark plugs for the bike. These normally are silly money for what they are so a bit of a bargain. This will join the rest of the race kit parts for when the bike gets switched to a full blown race bike one day.

Rear axle resolved

After fitting the swingarm we found that the physical dimensions of the swingarm was around 6mm thicker either side. This resulted in the fact that I needed to source a replacement. As a temporary fix I have obtained a stock 2004-2007 rear spindle. The 2004-2007 rear spindle is 340mm and a perfect fit for the swingarm. After a bit more research managed to source a titanium spindle for the 2004-2007 that will replace the 330mm Titanium item.

The Titanium replacement weighs just 321 grams compared to 502 grams. Thats a healthy 181 gram saving.

2008 to 2015 CBR1000RR Conversion

If you put aside any frame, engine and exhaust changes, the 2008 bikes are the same as 2015 bikes. This means that it is possible to replace the old fairings and give them the newer 2012-2015 look.

Here are a few pointers:


The new digital clocks will fit but needer a later loom from the 2012-2015 bike


The later lights use the same connectors as the 2008 so plug and play

Air ducts

2012-2015 Air ducts are required

Tail unit

A new undertray is required and changed in 2008 & 2010 but will need swapping


All the black plastic trims are not compatible on the 2008 so these will need to be replaced with the 2012-2015

SP Subframe

The lighter SP subframe is identical to stock so can replace the standard item.

I am slowly accumulating the 2012-2015 parts that will eventually be used to make the bike into the 2015 Repsol Replica.

Work in progress