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New undertray fitted

I finally got found to fitting my orange powder coated undertray. It's created a nice sleek look to the bike. I am very pleased with the result. This is more in keeping of the original designers impression and matches the look of race bikes.

Another site worth a visit

I found this interesting site. These guys have managed to obtain an open class Honda MotoGP bike from the Honda Gresini team and rebilding it into something special. When its finished will look close to the RC213V design but using a fireblade engine. For those unaware, the Open class engine for these bikes was the fireblade engine with some Ten Kate tweaks. Take a look a look as the gallery shows some amazing craftsmanship. Here is the link. Enjoy!

HM Race Dash for CBR1000RR

I Here is a photo of my latest upgrade. A HM Dash for my blade. I like the look of it as its clean and modern compared to the 2008-2011 analogue version. This dash is filled with loads of features and includes a large gear indicator. As many know, its possible to fit a 2012-2015 speedo on a 2008-2011 but the built in gear indicator doesn't work due to some gearbox parts fitted on the later bikes. The HM Dash will free up my Heal Tech Speedo healer and when I do switch to the 2012-2015 fairings will make it hard to tell that this bike was made 6 years ago.
To give some idea of what it will look like, here is a photo from a former blade owners awesome bike (Thanks  Jamie!)  which looks fantastic!

HM GP Shifter fitted

I finally got around to fit the HM GP Quickshifter. The quickshifter has a SH Loom is plug and play by sitting between the coil and the factory loom. The SH loom is handy but personally found that the wiring to the quickshifter could be a little longer.

The coils are located underneath the airbox and sit just beneath the frame. This means the seat, tank cover, tank and airbox lid and airbox needs to be removed. This will also allow access to the remaining wiring

Once the SH Loom is complete, There is an additional cable. This has three wires, yellow,blue and white. 

Yellow is RPM which goes to a yellow wiring that is located in a large Burgundy/Red plug that is at the rear of the bike near the earth and shock absorber. You can't miss this plug.

The Gearbox speed wire is Pink/Green in colour.
Blue is SPEED and goes to the Pink/Green wire that sits on top of the gearbox. I have included a pic but bear in mind, mine has all kinds of gizmos attached to the loom.

For info, I spliced the loom…

Another progress update.

Here is the new undertray for the bike. Its been powder coated RAL2003 to suit the bike. The HRC  Sator cover has been powder coated but was the wrong colour so waiting for it to be repainted,
I have fitted a Gilles rolling toe piece to the rearsets and have just recieved a set of Gilles carbon heel guards. 
The Brembo rear brake caliper bracket is currently being machined so that it will fit on a sleeve for the HRC Swingarm.