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A further update so far for the swingarm

Here is a test fitting of the kit for the stock wheel and spindle. The kit has a sleeve which allows the caliper bracket to be held in place. Here are a couple of pics of the quick release kit. This is on the wrong side but has a clever locking piece that keeps this piece attached to the Swingarm. Here is the racket with its cover. This will be held together using titanium m6 x 10 race spec bolts.  This is what can be seen inside. Very clever and simple. Here is the finished article of the Honda branded GBRacing covers. These were 3d printed in white and professionally painted to suit the covers. They are a great match to the Honda originals. The positive side is that I no have spares in case of s spill.

A brief update

Its been a while since the last update. A few things are going on at the moment as I get the bike ready for 2015.
In the end I have decided to go for 2015 Repsol style fairings rather than the test colours. I have bought a set of genuine 2012 fairings that will be used as part of the conversion.
As part of the upgrade I opted for the race stator rather than the HRC as this did not have the power for the lights and charging. I have since sourced a HRC Rotor to complement the kit.
I have also had a carbon fibre shark fin which is an exact replica to the HRC item, This will look better than the nylon plastic HRC one.
I have sourced the majority of the rear quick release HRC kit for the rear wheel. Whilst I was never going to do this, it was too tempting, In the meantime I am more than happy with my Titanium rear spindle.
Here is a pic of Version two of my Honda GB Racing badges. Version one was 1mm x 1mm too small and whilst no-one else could tell, I could. These will be painted to give the wh…