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Attention to detail

After a visit to the Motorcycle Live show, it gave me a chance to really get under the skin of the BSB and TT fireblades, The thing that shines through is the time and effort to prepare the bikes. A great example is the Honda Racing hugger. Rather thank just use a flat washer pressed against the carbon hugger, they have used red anodised countersunk washers. I will be emulating this on my bike.

GB Racing cover update

Here is the latest photo of my 3d printing project. I now have a nylon version of the Honda badge used on the team protectors. As you can see it's the wrong colour but this can be resolved. It looks a good fit.

Brembo rear caliper

I am almost at the stage of fitting the HRC swingarm. I now have the Honda Racing hugger so it was sensible to change the brake at the same time. I have sourced a bracket that fits with Marchesini wheels so should pop straight in. I am told that the braking is about same as stock or better. Either way, I can't miss out on another bit of Brembo to complete the setup. Some may notice that this isn't the 64mm HPK brake but at this stage, this is more than sufficient. I will eventually swap over but fine for now.

Genuine Honda Racing Hugger

I was looking to use a Rexpeed hugger on the HRC Swingarm. This was because I liked the look but instead have gone for the genuine Honda Racing rear hugger. As seen above, the hugger has been used widely in BSB and looks the part. Its about the same size as my Repsol Hugger but much lighter.