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Test Bike Fairing update

It seems that I have stalled with this project. The supplier Comautoparts2008 or "FairingsandBolts" initially offered to supplier a slightly tweaked set to my specifications but have since not replied to any emails. I was hoping that I would have some good news by now but they have let me down. It looks like its time to find someone for this project.

HRC Replica carbon fibre shark fin

The new swingarm comes with the standard HRC nylon shark fin. Whilst it is more than fit for purpose, it really doesn't suit the bike. Here is a photo of an exact replica made out of carbon fibre which looks a great deal better. Thanks to Jarryd for the photo of his fine bike.

Spare Honda badges for GB Racing covers

I am lucky enough to have a set of GB Racing covers with the Honda branding but decided to get some spares made up. The covers are only used by Honda Racing in the UK and no-one else. These are therefore something I want to keep hold of as long as possible. As a result, I decided to make some spares up. Here is a mock up ready for 3D printing.


Here is my latest addition. Its the 2009 CBR1000RR HRC ECU for my bike. It now presents me with two options. The first option is to replace the loom with the HRC Kit. This will inevitably mean that I will lose my lights indicators and horn. The other option is that I switch to the US stock loom where I am told will mean that I can still use lights and indicators. This would create a highly tunable road bike which I am told would allow basic traction control to be set.

Ten Kate solid state relay

As I search for components to complete the HRC Kit. I found this little gem. TKR state "This relay replaced the standard relay from HONDA for a solidstate relay. A solidstate relay don't have mechanical parts inside and switch by electronics this give's more reliability. The relays are used to switch the fuel pump and the main circuit." Sound a good idea to me! The TKR Part number is 92-SST-010 and you need two of these to replace the HRC Part Number 38500-GC7-612

Repsol Test bike fairings

I was looking at various options for the bike. These basically boiled down to a set of 2013 repsol fairings. These are the same as mine but for the later designed bike so will refresh the look of the bike. I also looked at adopting the 2015 Repsol CBR1000RR fairings but also hit upon this idea. How about the test colours for the bike? The Matt Black look I reckon could be a winner.