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HRC Parts on the cheap

Sourcing genuine HRC parts can be an expensive process. I have found that the Guys in HRC don't actually reinvent the wheel as much as they would like people to think. For example, using HRC Manuals, you see that many parts are in fact used in production Honda's that can be as much as 10 years old!

With this in mind, google is your friend! You will find surplus new sealed parts that bear the same part number at the fraction of the cost to buying new. In my case, this was clutch plates, speed sensor and magnetic starter for the HRC Looms. I am sure that I will find many more as I complete my HRC setup.

A new milestone! 200,000 page views!

Its quite reassuring to know that that my endless posts about the bike, parts and all things Repsol is of interest to people. Over christmas I hit 200,000 page views for the blog. Its nice to know that I have an audience and hope that my time and effort helps others or at the very least some interest. 
The bike has moved on masses since I first started this blog, its been highs and lows and the occasional success as I have tried some parts and found them unsuitable.
The biggest challenge has been sourcing the right parts or getting them made, During the journey so far, I have found many great contacts and the very occasional bad one. 

An updated photo of the bike

Here is a more recent photo of my bike ready for the next stage of enhancements. Stay tuned for more photos next year as the bike develops further.

Factory Pro shift Star Kit

I have just bought a Factory Pro Shift Star. This kit is designed to eliminate the false neutrals and downshifts on the bike. The kit includes the star and detent arm as in the top photo. The kit replaces the Honda Star P/N 25325-MW0-791 and the Honda arm P/N 24430-MFL-000. The kit also includes a new spring P/N Z95-H99-106. Installation only requires the clutch basket removal and refitting. The kit does not require a gasket as Honda seals the cover with Sealant. It is recommended that Quickshifters kill time is changed to between 40ms to 45ms. This will complement the Sigma clutch and HRC Clutch plates.

HRC Steering Damper 53700-NLR-003

After spending quite a while deliberating about the steering damper setup, I decided to switch to the HRC Steering Damper. The HRC Steering damper is made by KYB and is visually similar to the HESD Steering damper fitted to the stock bike. It also has some nice machined brackets which I have fitted to the stock damper which make the whole setup more rigid.
The HRC has a couple of key differences. Firstly the HRC item is manual setup with a dial so can be setup to adjust the stiffness and repsonse. This means it secondly does not plug into the bikes loom. HRC helpfully guide you to drill a hole on the tank cover to tune the damper on the fly.
I had my doubts about going to the HRC unit on the road but this kit is fitted to the HRC and Padgetts TT bikes and these cope perfectly with the speeds and road surfaces to perfection.
The stock ECU will throw up an error if you use the HRC damper. You can live with the light or buy a resister pack that tricks the ECU.
If you have the HRC ECU, you ca…

Renthal black rear sprocket

I ordered a custom sprocket in black. This should compliment the Swingarm. This is similar to RCV213V and looks great. I know it's only cosmetic but it's nearly Christmas! 

USB HRC Cable 38880-NL9-C00

Ahead of fitting a HRC ECU and loom on the bike, I decided to invest in the USB cable. I bought the software a while ago and this simply plugs into the bikes diagnostic port and then into the the USB port of the computer. I am sure that when I do upgrade the ECU, setup will be a steep learning curve.

Visit  here  for the latest USB Modem Drivers.

HRC Clutch plate configuration

I have opted for the book HRC Configuration.I have found that it worked out cheaper to buy these seperately rather than the clutch pack.

22201-NL9-C30 x 1 Friction
22201-MEL-000 x 7 Friction
22201-NLR-A30 x 1 Friction
22321-MEL-000 x 7 Steel
22321-MT3-000 x 1 Steel (Superceded with 22321-GHB-811) 
22322-MEL-000 x 1 Steel
22322-MN4-000 x 1 Steel (Superceded with 22321-GHB-811) 

In Summary the updated setup is as follows:

22201-NL9-C30 x 1 Friction
22201-MEL-000 x 7 Friction
22201-NLR-A30 x 1 Friction
22321-MEL-000 x 7 Steel
22321-GHB-811 x 1 Steel
22322-MEL-000 x 1 Steel
22321-GHB-811 x 1 Steel

I have also been given two other options:

They are based on a pack thickness of 48.5 mm

This were described as standard clutch
22201-NL9-C30 x 1 Friction (Back) Judder Spring
22322-MEL-000 x 1 Steel (Back) Judder Spring
22201-MEL-000 x 7 Friction
22201-NLR-A30 x 1 Friction (Front)

These were described as Samsung Honda Extra Friction Brands Hatch 2012

22201-MEN-670 x 8 Friction
22201-NL9-C00 x 1 Friction (Front)

HRC Parts update

The end of the BSB season heralds the change of sponsors and bikes.

This is great news for owners who want race kit. In my case, I have been collecting a few parts left behind when teams move from Honda to another manufacturer.
In my case, I have picked up a few parts:
HRC Swingarm linkages, HRC Clutch kits, HRC Speed sensor, bracket and loom and gaskets.
My Bike now has the following HRC Goodies on the bike.
HRC Quick action throttle HRC Steering damper brackets HRC Breather kit HRC Rear shock plates HRC Swingarm (Soon to be fitted) HRC oiler cooler bolt (copied in 7075) HRC Alloy tank  HRC Generator cover (Soon to be fitted)
HRC Oil Cap
These will be complemented with an Sigma Clutch from the Samsung Honda Spares kit too.

Swingarm update

Here are a couple of parts for the HRC Swingarm. This moves me closer to fitting it to the bike. These are the rear wheel fitting which are different to the stock item.