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Ohlins alloy adjuster

Well I decided to invest in some good old fashioned bling for the bike. This I am told was the last silver coloured alloy knob Ohlins had left. It replaces the black adjuster and looks very smart. This will be fitted with a titanium countersunk bolt to finish the look.

Time to try 3D printing

I have been impressed with the idea of 3D printing. It gives me a chance to make parts that are either unavailable or customised.
In this case, the endurance lifters have a nylon guide fitted on Honda RacingBikes. These are every difficult to get hold of. So here is my challenge...
I created a rough template of along the lines of the shape seen in the photo. I contacted a company to convert the sketch into a 3D CAD Drawing.
Once I am happy with the finished design, I sent it off to the printers for printing. This is a real leap of faith as I wait for the final product to be printed and it fits. At the end of the day, its affordable and easy to do so a prototype will help make a better version if necessary.
How long did all this take. Well less than 2 hours later a design was created, and sent off to the printers. Amazing!

Lighter and Faster

As any readers of my blog know. I am a big fan of weight reduction of my bike. Whilst the fireblade is not a member of the 190+ bhp club or the Kwak, Aprillia or the uber ugly S1000RR I have tackled the issue in my own style.

There are many ways to give you more BHP.  Most mortals go for air filters, exhausts and power commanders and a trip to the dyno centre to smooth things out. This solution is just fine and does release a few horses. 

Professional racers opt for engine tuning. In many cases pull out the Official race engine parts catalogues for high revs, blueprinting and tweaks to the engine design. These provide the biggest gains but not necessarily good for the road. Why I say not good for the road is the HUGE costs and the need to regularly rebuild and replace components. That said its entirely possible that a weekend rocket with all this might be happy blasting around the odd weekend with an occasion check. 

The point I am getting to very slowly is the old term power to weight r…