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Showing posts from September, 2014

HM Racing GP Quickshifter

Well, I have decided to replace the Dynojet Quickshifter with the HM Racing GP Quickshifter. The key difference with the HM Racing example is the fact it has no moving parts using a strain gauge. Having looked at the software, the configuration options are endless. There are even rumours of a traction control addon. After a brief false start before fitting has meant its not been fitted yet. 

The GP Quickshifter is a great bit of kit with many telling me to go for it, so decided to bite the bullet. Having looked at the blurb, that it is a result thousands of hours testing and specialists in the field I am sure it will be great.

Initial impressions about the build quality is good apart from a rubbish HM GP Sticker thats already peeling off. Hopefully when its setup, I can give a proper review. In the meantime, that sticker will be removed.

Titanium revisited

I am always looking for ways to make the bike more unique and lighter. I discovered that Racebolt were offering drilled nuts as an option so decided to order some. This means that the suspension linkages will benefit from these drilled titanium nuts to further reduce the weight. I have also ordered the same for the rear sprocket as these will be seen and whilst yes its shallow, they will look very smart.

HRC Swingarm update

Despite buying a swingarm shown in the blog previously, The purchase never happened. I guess that what happens sometimes with private sales. Finally got the money refunded and a little wiser.

Well once bitten etc, decided to just bite the bullet and buy a new one. 2 days later a nice large brown HRC box arrives and 
These swingarms aren't cheap but do come with nearly everything to replace the stock swingarm.
The only thing now is whether I stick with the stock black look or strip it and go silver?