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And now for something slightly different

I have been interested in a HRC Swingarm for a while. I do however pause at the point of buying it because of several reasons. I struggle to justify buying it for the benefit that I will gain. Yes i am sure its more rigid and has a cool quick release system and only supports underslung brakes but will I benefit greatly by it? Well I now have the underslung brake which immediately eases wheel changes so rules out a gain with the quick release system. I also have a titanium spindle which no doubt is lighter than the HRC kit thats supplied. In terms if strength, I no doubt could call my friends at Harris to weld on a brace if I really get concerned. The only thing left is the lifters built into the HRC Swingarm. Now by chance I discovered the Gilles Lsk01-b lifter bracket. This allows stock swingarms to gain the WSB, BSB and MotoGP experience of built in lifters. The only other way of doing this is to buy a set of chain adjusters which look great but an awesome job at a high price. These…

Latest photo of the bike

Here is a couple of photo's of my bike with the HRC Alloy tank fitted, Gilles ACM bolt, GBRacing covers, underslung rear brake, Gilles FXR Rearsets and black alloy yoke nut. Tucked away inside the bike is the new Titanium engine bolts and the HRC Breather kit.

HRC Tank Fitted

Here is a photo of the tank finally fitted. It weighs next to nothing and a perfect fit compared to the stock item. The tank weighs next to nothing so should help with weight reduction on the bike.

New Ohlins collar

I have the Ohlins HO888 rear shock which is a fantastic bit of kit. What I don't like about it is the silly plate that you use to bolt the adjuster to the bike. I much prefer the solution of the earlier model. This has a gold bracket which bolts onto the shock itself. It's simple, smart and effective.  So why did they switch to something so awful? Well , I am told change was due to the abs model and the fact that abs had less clearance between subframe and swing arm.  So here is the bracket to convert to the older style shock. This will be useful when I install the SP subframe which does not support rear pegs as standard.