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Special Carbon Fibre

I managed to find the maker of the swingarm heel protectors for the Honda road racing team. These are a great idea as its the first place that starts wearing when wearing boots. Visit them at . I will be ensuring I get a set for my bike. These guys will even make custom items. Their work is amazing, just have a look at the carbon light pod they made for the Honda endurance team!

How about some cool engine block offs?

I have these engine block offs which work well. When the bike was built, it was fitted with parts to meet emission rules during manufacture. Fortunately, we don't need it once we have bought the bike.The TPO ones are simple and functional but felt somewhat disappointed when I saw a photo of some Ten Kate Racing ones. The next challenge is to see if can I get a set from TKR to replace my dull TPO ones? Yes before you say it, It is shallow and I know no-one will see them but hey, when has that ever stopped me?

A tail of two bikes

Here is a photo of the concept of the 2008 Fireblade. Besides the sleekness of the design, Its amazing how different the tail unit is compared to the final bike. The final bike tail looks like its added been eating a few pies. 

It occurred to me that having seen the race bikes, they are a true reflection of the original design.

HRC Breather kit

Here are a couple of photos of the HRC Breather tank fitted. It's a bit strange because despite the blade racing since 2008 there seem to be no pictures available of it fitted. It fits between the air box and crankshaft.


In other words, any vehicle motor creates pressure. By allowing that pressure to be removed, it allows the motor to spin more freely thus allowing more hp to be sent to the rear wheel.

Progrip 717 dual compound grips

I decided to refresh the grips on the bike. I noticed that the RC213V press photos have the Progrip 717 Grips in all black. To add a bit of colour opted for Black and orange dual compound superbike version. They also do a 717 GP version which is identical but offers a much firmer grip. As always the philospphy is simple. If its good enough for the Repsol Honda Team, its good enough for me.

Cheap Titanium...oh go on then...

Well I am sure you know what its like. You admire your handy work and suddenly notice a stray bit of steel. In this case its a Special Honda bolt that holds the fixing point for the lower fairing. This bolt is tucked under the bike out of sight and no doubt suffers from corrosion due to its location. 

A quick check on the old microfiche reveals it is part number 90106-KCZ-000. I need two of these and found Lathe Dog selling an exact replica in titanium on fleabay. I can't argue with paying £9 including delivery as this is a good deal in my opinion. I can normally expect to pay double or more for a custom made one. It item number 251485528517 for anyone interested in getting a couple.

More goodies fitted.

Here are a few photos of parts fitted to the bike, In no particular order, Progrip SBK dual compound grips which have orange accents to suite the bike. Pro Bolt for the oil sensor, numerous Titanium bolts and fittings and Gilles FXR rear sets. I also have the FP Racing underslung rear brake caliper and Gilles ACM nut also fitted.

HRC Tank parts have arrived

Here is a pic of the HRC Fuel pump adapter for that holds the fuel pump in place. Also HRC provide a special rubber housing for the fuel pump to. The housing simply slips over the fuel pump. The next step will be to fit the bike. The kit uses the stock fuel pump and as the tank has the correct boss installed on the base, only some of the HRC parts are required.

A nice weekend for some work on the bike

The suns out so it's time for a few parts to be fitted that have been sat around for a while. 
Here is a brief list:

Gilles FXR RearsetsGilles ACM Swing arm nutGilles ACM rear wheel nutHRC Breather kitYoshimura Timing coverPro bolt Ten Kate Titanium oil filter boltsStock clutch cable as HRC one is too short for Brembo cluth lever and clip onsOil change as its about that time again!Rear brake bracket relocator and replacement HEL brakelineAll this supports the theme of weight reduction. 
Its funny, I recently posted in a forum about the subframe and weight reduction. Another member raised several points about cost vs weight reduction and the fact that the current weight and power of a blade is enough for most of us. Whilst I can understand where he is coming from, I cannot necessarily agree. After all, when you move into a new home, do you stick with the same interior because it would be liked by most of us? Nope, we redecorate, add rooms and install the latest items for our own pleas…

Gilles FXR Rearsets

After a lot of deliberation, I have opted for the Gilles FXR rearsets. I originally wanted a set of the Harris racing products rearsets but it seems these will never be made. 
Whilst its not the most adjustable, its enough for me. 
I have decided these for several reasons, They look like factory items, they are made by Gilles so no doubt that the quality will be awesome and lastly they will be black to match the updated scheme for the bike.
I ordered the optional microswitch which allows the rear brake light to operate as normal. I personally prefer this option rather than a hydraulic switch as it allows me to keep my titanium banjo bolts.  The other great thing I like, is the carbon accessories and race pegs should I want to make them even more trick!