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CBR1000RR SP its good but could it have been better?

I like the new CBR1000RR SP. I thought I would say this before I continue in case people think I am trying to be negative about it. Its great to see some significant changes to a bike thats 6 years old rather than the usual cosmetic changes. Its great to see Honda using the 'SP' model like Ducati offering a more sporty model and embrace the likes of Ohlins and Brembo but still think that somethings missing. As my blog shows, I use titanium and alloy to reduce weight and its great to see things like lightened subframes to reduce weight. This was a good move. After all, not all of us want to carry passengers or luggage. Its also welcoming to see changes to the bars and pegs, which will allow all to gain a more sporty riding position whilst maintaining a stock look and not needing a second mortgage for parts.  The engine changes are also inspiring. It shows in WSB that the bike that appeared outdated can now win races 6 years after its launch. With the TT coming up, I hope that McPin…

Race tank update

Here is a quick update regarding the tank. I have received it back from the anodizers. Its created a nice matt black finish that matches the stock subframe. 
The anodizing process helps reduce corrosion of the alloy so will mean that fuel can be left in the tank without regular draining. This tank came from the Bathams Honda team but was also used by the Samsung Honda Racing Team.

Yoshimura case cover

Here is the Yoshimura engine cover bolt. This fits on the right side of the bike and is sold as lighter and stronger than standard. Yoshimura makes some great items, but always remind of Suzukis. When fitted this will be tucked away behind an engine case protector. It weighs 47.9 grams and made from hardened alloy.

Gilles top yoke and axle nut

Here are the latest additions for the bike. 
The top yoke nut matches the top yoke and complements to orange yoke nut cover. The top yoke cover is made from alloy and weighs just 10.6 grams and offers a locking mechanism. 
The axle nut weighs 21.5 grams and offers a locking mechanism. This can also be used to replace the swingarm nut. This is half the weight of the stock bolts and looks much better. 

The hunt for something exclusive

Here is a photo of some GB Racing engine protectors. These aren't the usual ones that you can pick up from most suppliers, these are something special. These are Honda branded GB Racing engine protectors. These are exclusive to Honda UK so normally found on the old HM plant, Samsung Honda, Honda  TT Legends and their replacement Road Racing team. Fingers crossed I hope to source a set to continue the factory theme and something unique.

Marchesini sprocket bolts

I have ordered a set of titanium sprocket bolts for my Marchesini wheels from Pro-Bolt. Not exactly sure how much weight these will save but no doubt they will contribute to some nice savings.

Gilles axle and yoke nuts

I have just ordered the Gilles rear axle nut and top yoke nut. The top yoke nut is unique in design and has a unique locking mechanism to hold in place. The yoke nut is alloy and will be anodised black to suit the bikes colour scheme. The rear axle nut comes in the same unique design but made out of titanium and weighs in at a super light 20 grams. This is 15 grams lighter than my existing titanium nut! I can also use this nut for my swingarm bolt to further reduce the weight.

CBR1000RR SP Subframe ordered

I have just ordered the CBR1000RR SP subframe. This is unique to this model and offers a weight reduction and lower centre of gravity. The photo is of an ABS version but looks the same for non-ABS. This will be powder coated black to suit the 2011-13 Repsol colour scheme. As always, keen to look at new ways to reduce weight on the bike.

Alloy tank update

I have sent the tank away to be anodised black so that it will suit the bike better. I have also been told that it will also offer better corrosion resistance than its current condition. Parts of the tank visible when installed will be shot blasted to improve the looks of the tank when fitted. I have ordered to HRC Fuel pump fitting kit for the tank but is mostly on backorder.

FP Racing rear brake relocator

Here is the FP Racing brake relocator bracket. It is lighter than the stock bracket but has the advantage of slipping the caliper under the swing arm like MotoGP bikes. As always, if it's good enough for the Race teams then it's good enough for me!  It's worth pointing out that I was going for the Brembo underslung kit but this was a fraction of the cost and fits standard wheels (the Brembo kit does not). The bracket weighs just 319 grams and made from billet and allows the standard rear caliper to be used.

New cotton reels

I finally got my R&G cotton reels in orange. It's purely cosmetic but helps the bikes unique look. These are now freely available but worth contacting R&G before you order.

HRC Breather kit

I finally got around to ordering the hoses and clips for the HRC Breather kit I bought months ago. Its amazing to think that HRC charge £24 for each of these tiny pieces of hose! So anyway, here is the breather kit ready for fitting. It's a must have upgrade for any future serious engine upgrade.

Rear brake caliper relocation

Here is a photo of the FP Racing rear brake bracket. It allows the standard caliper to be fitted under the swing arm which helps in many ways but for me its the weight thats reduced and the fact it looks great! 

I have held off with doing this modification as I was considering the Brembo kit. At a quarter of the price, I decided to try out this option. 

They are available in many colours but decided that Black suited the bike now and if I change to the 2013/14 colours.