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HRC Parts on the cheap

Sourcing genuine HRC parts can be an expensive process. I have found that the Guys in HRC don't actually reinvent the wheel as much as they would like people to think. For example, using HRC Manuals, you see that many parts are in fact used in production Honda's that can be as much as 10 years old!

With this in mind, google is your friend! You will find surplus new sealed parts that bear the same part number at the fraction of the cost to buying new. In my case, this was clutch plates, speed sensor and magnetic starter for the HRC Looms. I am sure that I will find many more as I complete my HRC setup.

A new milestone! 200,000 page views!

Its quite reassuring to know that that my endless posts about the bike, parts and all things Repsol is of interest to people. Over christmas I hit 200,000 page views for the blog. Its nice to know that I have an audience and hope that my time and effort helps others or at the very least some interest. 
The bike has moved on masses since I first started this blog, its been highs and lows and the occasional success as I have tried some parts and found them unsuitable.
The biggest challenge has been sourcing the right parts or getting them made, During the journey so far, I have found many great contacts and the very occasional bad one. 

An updated photo of the bike

Here is a more recent photo of my bike ready for the next stage of enhancements. Stay tuned for more photos next year as the bike develops further.

Factory Pro shift Star Kit

I have just bought a Factory Pro Shift Star. This kit is designed to eliminate the false neutrals and downshifts on the bike. The kit includes the star and detent arm as in the top photo. The kit replaces the Honda Star P/N 25325-MW0-791 and the Honda arm P/N 24430-MFL-000. The kit also includes a new spring P/N Z95-H99-106. Installation only requires the clutch basket removal and refitting. The kit does not require a gasket as Honda seals the cover with Sealant. It is recommended that Quickshifters kill time is changed to between 40ms to 45ms. This will complement the Sigma clutch and HRC Clutch plates.

HRC Steering Damper 53700-NLR-003

After spending quite a while deliberating about the steering damper setup, I decided to switch to the HRC Steering Damper. The HRC Steering damper is made by KYB and is visually similar to the HESD Steering damper fitted to the stock bike. It also has some nice machined brackets which I have fitted to the stock damper which make the whole setup more rigid.
The HRC has a couple of key differences. Firstly the HRC item is manual setup with a dial so can be setup to adjust the stiffness and repsonse. This means it secondly does not plug into the bikes loom. HRC helpfully guide you to drill a hole on the tank cover to tune the damper on the fly.
I had my doubts about going to the HRC unit on the road but this kit is fitted to the HRC and Padgetts TT bikes and these cope perfectly with the speeds and road surfaces to perfection.
The stock ECU will throw up an error if you use the HRC damper. You can live with the light or buy a resister pack that tricks the ECU.
If you have the HRC ECU, you ca…

Renthal black rear sprocket

I ordered a custom sprocket in black. This should compliment the Swingarm. This is similar to RCV213V and looks great. I know it's only cosmetic but it's nearly Christmas! 

USB HRC Cable 38880-NL9-C00

Ahead of fitting a HRC ECU and loom on the bike, I decided to invest in the USB cable. I bought the software a while ago and this simply plugs into the bikes diagnostic port and then into the the USB port of the computer. I am sure that when I do upgrade the ECU, setup will be a steep learning curve.

Visit  here  for the latest USB Modem Drivers.

HRC Clutch plate configuration

I have opted for the book HRC Configuration.I have found that it worked out cheaper to buy these seperately rather than the clutch pack.

22201-NL9-C30 x 1 Friction
22201-MEL-000 x 7 Friction
22201-NLR-A30 x 1 Friction
22321-MEL-000 x 7 Steel
22321-MT3-000 x 1 Steel (Superceded with 22321-GHB-811) 
22322-MEL-000 x 1 Steel
22322-MN4-000 x 1 Steel (Superceded with 22321-GHB-811) 

In Summary the updated setup is as follows:

22201-NL9-C30 x 1 Friction
22201-MEL-000 x 7 Friction
22201-NLR-A30 x 1 Friction
22321-MEL-000 x 7 Steel
22321-GHB-811 x 1 Steel
22322-MEL-000 x 1 Steel
22321-GHB-811 x 1 Steel

I have also been given two other options:

They are based on a pack thickness of 48.5 mm

This were described as standard clutch
22201-NL9-C30 x 1 Friction (Back) Judder Spring
22322-MEL-000 x 1 Steel (Back) Judder Spring
22201-MEL-000 x 7 Friction
22201-NLR-A30 x 1 Friction (Front)

These were described as Samsung Honda Extra Friction Brands Hatch 2012

22201-MEN-670 x 8 Friction
22201-NL9-C00 x 1 Friction (Front)

HRC Parts update

The end of the BSB season heralds the change of sponsors and bikes.

This is great news for owners who want race kit. In my case, I have been collecting a few parts left behind when teams move from Honda to another manufacturer.
In my case, I have picked up a few parts:
HRC Swingarm linkages, HRC Clutch kits, HRC Speed sensor, bracket and loom and gaskets.
My Bike now has the following HRC Goodies on the bike.
HRC Quick action throttle HRC Steering damper brackets HRC Breather kit HRC Rear shock plates HRC Swingarm (Soon to be fitted) HRC oiler cooler bolt (copied in 7075) HRC Alloy tank  HRC Generator cover (Soon to be fitted)
HRC Oil Cap
These will be complemented with an Sigma Clutch from the Samsung Honda Spares kit too.

Swingarm update

Here are a couple of parts for the HRC Swingarm. This moves me closer to fitting it to the bike. These are the rear wheel fitting which are different to the stock item.

CBR1000RR Suspension Linkages

After a great deal of thinking of the right settings for the swingarm and ohlins shock, I have opted for the HRC MEL setup. This is one of the most progressive links and a favourite in both WSB and BSB. This link is 166.2mm in length compared to the stock being 175mm. 
An alternative could be using to 2008-14 CBR600RR link which is 165mm. 
The main advantage is that it helps plant the back tire onto the track.

Its almost winter and time for a HRC Umbrella

Its about a un-bike related I can get but there you go. I managed to find this umbrella when trawling the web and will be used for next years BSB and MotoGP visits. I have been looking for the HRC Repsol Umbrella but not found any just yet.In terms of umbrellas, its not looking bad!

Ohlins alloy adjuster

Well I decided to invest in some good old fashioned bling for the bike. This I am told was the last silver coloured alloy knob Ohlins had left. It replaces the black adjuster and looks very smart. This will be fitted with a titanium countersunk bolt to finish the look.

Time to try 3D printing

I have been impressed with the idea of 3D printing. It gives me a chance to make parts that are either unavailable or customised.
In this case, the endurance lifters have a nylon guide fitted on Honda RacingBikes. These are every difficult to get hold of. So here is my challenge...
I created a rough template of along the lines of the shape seen in the photo. I contacted a company to convert the sketch into a 3D CAD Drawing.
Once I am happy with the finished design, I sent it off to the printers for printing. This is a real leap of faith as I wait for the final product to be printed and it fits. At the end of the day, its affordable and easy to do so a prototype will help make a better version if necessary.
How long did all this take. Well less than 2 hours later a design was created, and sent off to the printers. Amazing!

Lighter and Faster

As any readers of my blog know. I am a big fan of weight reduction of my bike. Whilst the fireblade is not a member of the 190+ bhp club or the Kwak, Aprillia or the uber ugly S1000RR I have tackled the issue in my own style.

There are many ways to give you more BHP.  Most mortals go for air filters, exhausts and power commanders and a trip to the dyno centre to smooth things out. This solution is just fine and does release a few horses. 

Professional racers opt for engine tuning. In many cases pull out the Official race engine parts catalogues for high revs, blueprinting and tweaks to the engine design. These provide the biggest gains but not necessarily good for the road. Why I say not good for the road is the HUGE costs and the need to regularly rebuild and replace components. That said its entirely possible that a weekend rocket with all this might be happy blasting around the odd weekend with an occasion check. 

The point I am getting to very slowly is the old term power to weight r…

HM Racing GP Quickshifter

Well, I have decided to replace the Dynojet Quickshifter with the HM Racing GP Quickshifter. The key difference with the HM Racing example is the fact it has no moving parts using a strain gauge. Having looked at the software, the configuration options are endless. There are even rumours of a traction control addon. After a brief false start before fitting has meant its not been fitted yet. 

The GP Quickshifter is a great bit of kit with many telling me to go for it, so decided to bite the bullet. Having looked at the blurb, that it is a result thousands of hours testing and specialists in the field I am sure it will be great.

Initial impressions about the build quality is good apart from a rubbish HM GP Sticker thats already peeling off. Hopefully when its setup, I can give a proper review. In the meantime, that sticker will be removed.

Titanium revisited

I am always looking for ways to make the bike more unique and lighter. I discovered that Racebolt were offering drilled nuts as an option so decided to order some. This means that the suspension linkages will benefit from these drilled titanium nuts to further reduce the weight. I have also ordered the same for the rear sprocket as these will be seen and whilst yes its shallow, they will look very smart.

HRC Swingarm update

Despite buying a swingarm shown in the blog previously, The purchase never happened. I guess that what happens sometimes with private sales. Finally got the money refunded and a little wiser.

Well once bitten etc, decided to just bite the bullet and buy a new one. 2 days later a nice large brown HRC box arrives and 
These swingarms aren't cheap but do come with nearly everything to replace the stock swingarm.
The only thing now is whether I stick with the stock black look or strip it and go silver?

New HRC Swingarm

I have managed to source a Genuine HRC Swingarm for my bike. As the photo shows it comes complete with 2 shock linkages which are: 
There are two types of HRC Swingarms made for the fireblade. The first is designed for WSB and endurance and has gucci quick release rear wheel nuts and this version. This version is the 2011 and is much stiffer than stock. This can be seen in the photo with the weld seem and additional bracing.
The other advantage is that the swingarm is longer than standard, This makes the wheelbase longer and improve the handling (not that it needs it!). The cosmetic improvement is the lifter fittings at the end of the swingarm to ease lifting. 
For me this swingarm will complement the bike perfectly. Every other HRC Swingarm has been black in colour but was not in keeping with the Repsol CBR1000RR theme. The other advantage is that this still has the brackets for a stock brake or my…

HRC Style endurance lifters

Little HRC brackets at the end of the swingarm should be something easy to find. Well believe me they are not! As luck would have it I managed to pick up a new unused set for the bike which are used on the padgetts and Honda Road Racing bikes. Its almost impossible to get these from Honda so are exact reproductions.The photo is from the old Swan Honda team bike (Which was formerly a HM Plant Honda Bike).

New rear suspension link (AKA Dog Bone)

As a fan of making the CBR1000RR that little bit better, I stumbled across a shock linkage from Lee's Cycles.
The Honda CBR1000RR comes with a standard Shock linkage of 175mm. HRC provide these in different lengths (170mm-172mm) to change the handling of the bike.
The Lee's cycles link is 170mm long and is based on the HRC version at a fraction of the cost. 
HRC List 4 different links listed for the blade:
1) 52470-MFL-R10 CONN ROD ASSY., CUSHION R1 (Standard) 2) 52470-NLR-A20 CONN ROD ASSY., CUSHION (MEL) 166.2mm 3) 52470-NLR-A30 CONN ROD ASSY., CUSHION (P2) 178.8mm 4) 52470-NLR-A40 CONN ROD ASSY., CUSHION (P4) 170mm
In Brief, MEL is the most aggressive, P4 is less aggressive, P2 is quite flat and the unlisted is offers the characteristics of the P2 but adjusts ride height.
The idea in general gives better rear grip on the rear and raises the seat somewhat to transfer some weight to the front of the bike. 
Besides the obvious advantages to the handling 5mm means less material and a few…

Modified clutch cable

Since I bought the Brembo style clutch lever and Harris clip ons I was having trouble with the clutch cable. The HRC cable was too short and started splitting on the lever adjuster end. 

The standard cable works better but fouls the clock bracket and is still slightly too short. As a result feels slightly snatchy when pulled.

I contacted Venhill who kindly said they would make one to my specification but were charging by the hour. This seemed an expensive way forward for me.

I contacted Motionpro in the USA who make cables to OEM specification. As luck would have it, they can make custom cables too. I contacted them and told them of my problem . As a result, I have made it longer and an elbow that clears the clock bracket. It also was slightly more than a stock cable too.

It's not been fitted yet but looks promising.

And now for something slightly different

I have been interested in a HRC Swingarm for a while. I do however pause at the point of buying it because of several reasons. I struggle to justify buying it for the benefit that I will gain. Yes i am sure its more rigid and has a cool quick release system and only supports underslung brakes but will I benefit greatly by it? Well I now have the underslung brake which immediately eases wheel changes so rules out a gain with the quick release system. I also have a titanium spindle which no doubt is lighter than the HRC kit thats supplied. In terms if strength, I no doubt could call my friends at Harris to weld on a brace if I really get concerned. The only thing left is the lifters built into the HRC Swingarm. Now by chance I discovered the Gilles Lsk01-b lifter bracket. This allows stock swingarms to gain the WSB, BSB and MotoGP experience of built in lifters. The only other way of doing this is to buy a set of chain adjusters which look great but an awesome job at a high price. These…

Latest photo of the bike

Here is a couple of photo's of my bike with the HRC Alloy tank fitted, Gilles ACM bolt, GBRacing covers, underslung rear brake, Gilles FXR Rearsets and black alloy yoke nut. Tucked away inside the bike is the new Titanium engine bolts and the HRC Breather kit.

HRC Tank Fitted

Here is a photo of the tank finally fitted. It weighs next to nothing and a perfect fit compared to the stock item. The tank weighs next to nothing so should help with weight reduction on the bike.

New Ohlins collar

I have the Ohlins HO888 rear shock which is a fantastic bit of kit. What I don't like about it is the silly plate that you use to bolt the adjuster to the bike. I much prefer the solution of the earlier model. This has a gold bracket which bolts onto the shock itself. It's simple, smart and effective.  So why did they switch to something so awful? Well , I am told change was due to the abs model and the fact that abs had less clearance between subframe and swing arm.  So here is the bracket to convert to the older style shock. This will be useful when I install the SP subframe which does not support rear pegs as standard. 

Special Carbon Fibre

I managed to find the maker of the swingarm heel protectors for the Honda road racing team. These are a great idea as its the first place that starts wearing when wearing boots. Visit them at . I will be ensuring I get a set for my bike. These guys will even make custom items. Their work is amazing, just have a look at the carbon light pod they made for the Honda endurance team!

How about some cool engine block offs?

I have these engine block offs which work well. When the bike was built, it was fitted with parts to meet emission rules during manufacture. Fortunately, we don't need it once we have bought the bike.The TPO ones are simple and functional but felt somewhat disappointed when I saw a photo of some Ten Kate Racing ones. The next challenge is to see if can I get a set from TKR to replace my dull TPO ones? Yes before you say it, It is shallow and I know no-one will see them but hey, when has that ever stopped me?

A tail of two bikes

Here is a photo of the concept of the 2008 Fireblade. Besides the sleekness of the design, Its amazing how different the tail unit is compared to the final bike. The final bike tail looks like its added been eating a few pies. 

It occurred to me that having seen the race bikes, they are a true reflection of the original design.

HRC Breather kit

Here are a couple of photos of the HRC Breather tank fitted. It's a bit strange because despite the blade racing since 2008 there seem to be no pictures available of it fitted. It fits between the air box and crankshaft.


In other words, any vehicle motor creates pressure. By allowing that pressure to be removed, it allows the motor to spin more freely thus allowing more hp to be sent to the rear wheel.

Progrip 717 dual compound grips

I decided to refresh the grips on the bike. I noticed that the RC213V press photos have the Progrip 717 Grips in all black. To add a bit of colour opted for Black and orange dual compound superbike version. They also do a 717 GP version which is identical but offers a much firmer grip. As always the philospphy is simple. If its good enough for the Repsol Honda Team, its good enough for me.

Cheap Titanium...oh go on then...

Well I am sure you know what its like. You admire your handy work and suddenly notice a stray bit of steel. In this case its a Special Honda bolt that holds the fixing point for the lower fairing. This bolt is tucked under the bike out of sight and no doubt suffers from corrosion due to its location. 

A quick check on the old microfiche reveals it is part number 90106-KCZ-000. I need two of these and found Lathe Dog selling an exact replica in titanium on fleabay. I can't argue with paying £9 including delivery as this is a good deal in my opinion. I can normally expect to pay double or more for a custom made one. It item number 251485528517 for anyone interested in getting a couple.

More goodies fitted.

Here are a few photos of parts fitted to the bike, In no particular order, Progrip SBK dual compound grips which have orange accents to suite the bike. Pro Bolt for the oil sensor, numerous Titanium bolts and fittings and Gilles FXR rear sets. I also have the FP Racing underslung rear brake caliper and Gilles ACM nut also fitted.

HRC Tank parts have arrived

Here is a pic of the HRC Fuel pump adapter for that holds the fuel pump in place. Also HRC provide a special rubber housing for the fuel pump to. The housing simply slips over the fuel pump. The next step will be to fit the bike. The kit uses the stock fuel pump and as the tank has the correct boss installed on the base, only some of the HRC parts are required.

A nice weekend for some work on the bike

The suns out so it's time for a few parts to be fitted that have been sat around for a while. 
Here is a brief list:

Gilles FXR RearsetsGilles ACM Swing arm nutGilles ACM rear wheel nutHRC Breather kitYoshimura Timing coverPro bolt Ten Kate Titanium oil filter boltsStock clutch cable as HRC one is too short for Brembo cluth lever and clip onsOil change as its about that time again!Rear brake bracket relocator and replacement HEL brakelineAll this supports the theme of weight reduction. 
Its funny, I recently posted in a forum about the subframe and weight reduction. Another member raised several points about cost vs weight reduction and the fact that the current weight and power of a blade is enough for most of us. Whilst I can understand where he is coming from, I cannot necessarily agree. After all, when you move into a new home, do you stick with the same interior because it would be liked by most of us? Nope, we redecorate, add rooms and install the latest items for our own pleas…

Gilles FXR Rearsets

After a lot of deliberation, I have opted for the Gilles FXR rearsets. I originally wanted a set of the Harris racing products rearsets but it seems these will never be made. 
Whilst its not the most adjustable, its enough for me. 
I have decided these for several reasons, They look like factory items, they are made by Gilles so no doubt that the quality will be awesome and lastly they will be black to match the updated scheme for the bike.
I ordered the optional microswitch which allows the rear brake light to operate as normal. I personally prefer this option rather than a hydraulic switch as it allows me to keep my titanium banjo bolts.  The other great thing I like, is the carbon accessories and race pegs should I want to make them even more trick!

CBR1000RR SP its good but could it have been better?

I like the new CBR1000RR SP. I thought I would say this before I continue in case people think I am trying to be negative about it. Its great to see some significant changes to a bike thats 6 years old rather than the usual cosmetic changes. Its great to see Honda using the 'SP' model like Ducati offering a more sporty model and embrace the likes of Ohlins and Brembo but still think that somethings missing. As my blog shows, I use titanium and alloy to reduce weight and its great to see things like lightened subframes to reduce weight. This was a good move. After all, not all of us want to carry passengers or luggage. Its also welcoming to see changes to the bars and pegs, which will allow all to gain a more sporty riding position whilst maintaining a stock look and not needing a second mortgage for parts.  The engine changes are also inspiring. It shows in WSB that the bike that appeared outdated can now win races 6 years after its launch. With the TT coming up, I hope that McPin…

Race tank update

Here is a quick update regarding the tank. I have received it back from the anodizers. Its created a nice matt black finish that matches the stock subframe. 
The anodizing process helps reduce corrosion of the alloy so will mean that fuel can be left in the tank without regular draining. This tank came from the Bathams Honda team but was also used by the Samsung Honda Racing Team.