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7075 Alloy exhaust nuts

Here is a pic of the exhaust stud bolts in 7075. The originals are light but these are lighter. These will be installed with a set of sprocket studs that will be made out of titanium.

The next task will be to source a set of titanium headers that are an exact copy of the standard version.

Time for a short ride out

The bike has been left unstarted for around 6 weeks. I collected it armed with a spare battery in case the lithium lost its power. To my delight the Lithium battery has kept its charge and started first time. I found in the past the standard Honda lead battery would lose its charge in 4 weeks forcing me to charge it before use.
Its nice to know the expense of a Lithium battery has helped reduce weight and also improved battery life over the standard item. 

An update on weight savings.

Here is a breakdown of some of the greatest weight savings on my bike. There are further ways to reduce the weight of the bike such as race fairings and removing lights for track preparation. This is something I do not wish to embark on at this stage. 

Anyway, here is my list so far.

Marchesini wheels1750.0g
Lithium Battery1474.0g
Titanium Spring (Replaces Ohlins spring)360.0g
Honda Carbon Fibre Mudguard171.6g

Front wheel Titanium Spindle142.6g
Rear wheel Titanium Spindle173.5g
Swingarm Titanium Spindle123.0g
The important thing to remember is most of the large weight saving are in the unsprung weight which improves the handling characteristics of the blade.
The new CBR1000RR boasts a 1kg weigh saving which was saved purely by just replacing the battery. I hope to source a CBR1000RR subframe to further reduce the weight of the bike.

7075 HRC Oil cooler bolt

Here is my latest item for the weight reduction programme. This is a custom made 7075 alloy oil cooler bolt. Its a copy of the genuine HRC item which weighs in at 130 grams. This weighs in at 50 grams so saves 80 grams and even more compared the standard Honda item.

Ohlins HO888 shock absorber with titanium spring

Here is a pic of my rear Ohlins HO888 shock. Here it is with the Titanium spring which weighs in at 639 grams compared to the 999 grams of the standard Ohlins item. Hopefully this will be installed in the coming weeks and looking forward to improvements that the rear shock offers.

Here is a link to the Manual

Tygon tubing

I fitted the HRC Brake reservior kit to my bike. The weight savings are great but does come with a flaw. It appears the HRC Tubing causes the brake fluid to go cloudy. It doesn't seem to affect performance but whether the cloudiness is moisture or chemical reaction to the tube, I just don't know.
There is a solution. Tygon 2375 tubing. Its clear and its coated so does not react with the brake fluid. I will be using this in preference with my Brembo Master cylinder upgrade and amend the rear setup.