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R&G tail light titanium style

I wonder sometimes if I should rename the blog Titaniumfanatic due to my obsession with using the material to reduce the bikes weight. Here is a another example. I noticed the number plate light had failed and decided to use this to my advantage. I ordered a replacement and realised that there was a chance to reduce just a tiny bit more weight off. When I say tiny, I mean a mere 0.1 gram per nut, but as Tesco say 'every little helps'.

Healtech Speedohealer V4

Here is a picture of the Healtech Speedohealer V4.
Background In an effort to reduce weight and tweak the performance, I went for the Renthal ultralight sprockets in the 525 chain size. I also reduced the tooth size on the front sprocket. The result of this was great but found that the speedo was no longer as accurate.
I needed a product to correct the speedo and having used the Healtech Gear shifter decided to this was a good choice. 
Features Dual Bank Memory - Allows the Speedohealer to store two configurations. Km/h conversion - Allows switching between Km/h and MPH easily. Extended calibration range - Allows setup for most configurations. Resale Value - Incorrect speedo's add higher mileage to the bike
Build quality As the photo shows, its a neat little unit with an LED, two connectors and two switches. It is 5cm x 3cm x 1.5cm so wil fit in the smallest of places on the bike. In my case the battery area. The unit is sealed but unlikely to be waterproof. It should however survive an occ…