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Fairing update and refresh

Here is a mock up of how I imagine my bike in the near future (Except wheels, undertray and stock exhaust of course!). 
As followers of my blog know, my bike started off life a standard 2009 CBR1000RR Repsol model which has steadily been transformed to where it is now.
My bike was updated to the 2011 design which required a black swing arm, mid fairings, tank cover and clock cover. Its time to revisit the design as there has been many changes to the weight and style of the bike. In 2012/13 Honda refreshed the blades look. This involved many things but will concentrate on the cosmetics. The changes involved new headlights, clocks, fairings and tail. The key points mentioned by Honda were a lip spoiler under the nose and the slimmer fairings offer better cooling. For me, slimmer fairings would mean less weight which for me is a good thing. The tail unit is also revised. This for some reason has become wider on the 2012/13 model. For me, this means more weight and therefore a bad thing. Th…

Titanium and Alloy engine mounts

Here is a set of custom engine mounts for my fireblade. All of them have been custom made for me.The main boilts and nuts are made out of titanium with the other parts made out of 7075 alloy. These will give a good further weight reduction to the bike. These are the same as the ones used by the WFR Honda British Superbike team. 

New ohlins HO888 rear shock

Following the installation of the Ohlins FGRT813 front forks and the Brembo M4 front brakes, it's time to focus on the rear. I decided to initally focus on the rear shock, but the rearsets and rear brakes are also on the list. Here is my upgrade for the standard  shock . It's the Ohlins HO888 rear shock absorber for cbr1000rr. This model replaces the HO788 which had a useful adapter to fit the remote adjuster. I will source one of these as it looks and works better for me.

I also have a titanium shock to fit which will further reduce the weight but help improve the handling.