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Project RC213V Brake upgrade.

So the aim is to upgrade the brakes on my bike and what better to use than the RC213V MotoGP. The photo shows that the bike is equipped with a Brembo master cylinder, Brembo folding low drag levers, Race spec bolts and green master cylinder hose.

Firstly, HRC Honda sell the hose so thats sorted. The part number is 43505-NF4-000.

I have bought the Brembo RCS 19 Master cylinder and matching Clutch Lever and perch which will solve clearance issues with the stock master cylinder on my Harris clip ons. 
This is the final piece of the jigsaw. Its the Brembo low drag folding lever to complete the transformation. When finished, the braking and look will be simply stunning,

Personalised plate

My bike has just been re-registered with a personalised plate . I always fancied a personalised plate on the bike and one came up and an unbeatable price. I just couldn't turn down the offer. To anyone with a 'themed' bike, I highly recommend it

Brembo and race spec bolts

Now that I have the Brembo M4 caliper a and the Brembo RCS 19 master cylinder , I noticed that the stock bolts are not titanium. After some advice from Mode Performance, I have ordered race spec perch bolts and banjo bolts to complement the rest of the bike.