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New Brembo RCS Master cylinder

Here is my new master cylinder as used in Motogp. The stock item fouls the inner fairing so this is the perfect solution!
Here are a couple of updated photos of the bike with the Ohlins,Brembo and Marchesinis fitted. I have also had the Ten Kate Velocity stacks installed. The wheels create a fresh and rare look to the bike

The wheels are fitted

Here are a couple of photos of the wheels fitted. I think they look amazing and save around 2 kilos.

HRC Tank cover

I have been interested in upgrading to a HRC Tank for quite some time. I could have done this last year when I bought a carbon fibre version, but it lacked the recesses (seen in the photo) for the factory Honda logos.
By chance, someone was selling a HRC tank cover By Hotbodies racing. By the time I found it, the tank was sold. I then set about contacting them Hotbodies and can only describe the experience as poor. Despite emails and messages on facebook and twitter they have never replied. Anyway back to the tank cover. The main difference with these covers are that they are not rounded off so provide great stomach support. This funnily enough, is also the design of tank used on the RC213V.

Some work on the bike

I had the following parts today.My Ohlins FGRT813 forks, Brembo's M4 calipers, black 2011 Repsol clock cover, carbon clock bracket, Harris clipons and R&G bar ends.

New race battery

As part of my 2013 weight reduction, I have invested in a lithium battery. Theis weighs in at just 586 grams compared to the stock item of 2060 gram so almost a quarter of the weight saved!

Personalised plate

I have always quite fancied a personalised plate for my bike. 

I like them because it allows the bike to be a little bit more unique and personal to me and also reduces the aging process. When I say the aging process, I mean as mines a 2009 model with 2011 updates it should really have a 2011 registration plate (but that will never happen). 

As luck would have it, a fellow Repsol owner was looking to lose the personalised plate as his bike has changed. I saw it as a golden opportunity to take over the plate. 

So, in the next two weeks my bike is going personal.

R&G bar ends

I decided to buy a set of Harris clipons as they are used by the Honda TT Legends team. They informed me that they use the Harris clipons but use their own custom bar which supports the stock bar ends. I decided that I would do something similar. As my bike is largely used on the road, I decided bar end weights rather than nylon bungs would make sense. I contacted R&G and as always managed to provide invaluable assistance. They identified a set of bar ends that were a perfect fit to the bars.
Thanks again R&G!