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HRC Alloy tank and breather kit

Here are a couple of items for the bike. These are from an ex British Superbike team. The tank reduces the weight by 2 kilos so a great additon to the bike. The breather kit helps reduce pressure in the engine and boost power. All I have to do is source the HRC Breather hose kit and the HRC fuel pump kit.

A few more updates

Here are a few photos of items fitted. These are Ohlins TTX36 HO888 Shock, Brembo levers and the MotoGP style Low drag levers.

7075 Alloy exhaust nuts

Here is a pic of the exhaust stud bolts in 7075. The originals are light but these are lighter. These will be installed with a set of sprocket studs that will be made out of titanium.

The next task will be to source a set of titanium headers that are an exact copy of the standard version.

Time for a short ride out

The bike has been left unstarted for around 6 weeks. I collected it armed with a spare battery in case the lithium lost its power. To my delight the Lithium battery has kept its charge and started first time. I found in the past the standard Honda lead battery would lose its charge in 4 weeks forcing me to charge it before use.
Its nice to know the expense of a Lithium battery has helped reduce weight and also improved battery life over the standard item. 

An update on weight savings.

Here is a breakdown of some of the greatest weight savings on my bike. There are further ways to reduce the weight of the bike such as race fairings and removing lights for track preparation. This is something I do not wish to embark on at this stage. 

Anyway, here is my list so far.

Marchesini wheels1750.0g
Lithium Battery1474.0g
Titanium Spring (Replaces Ohlins spring)360.0g
Honda Carbon Fibre Mudguard171.6g

Front wheel Titanium Spindle142.6g
Rear wheel Titanium Spindle173.5g
Swingarm Titanium Spindle123.0g
The important thing to remember is most of the large weight saving are in the unsprung weight which improves the handling characteristics of the blade.
The new CBR1000RR boasts a 1kg weigh saving which was saved purely by just replacing the battery. I hope to source a CBR1000RR subframe to further reduce the weight of the bike.

7075 HRC Oil cooler bolt

Here is my latest item for the weight reduction programme. This is a custom made 7075 alloy oil cooler bolt. Its a copy of the genuine HRC item which weighs in at 130 grams. This weighs in at 50 grams so saves 80 grams and even more compared the standard Honda item.

Ohlins HO888 shock absorber with titanium spring

Here is a pic of my rear Ohlins HO888 shock. Here it is with the Titanium spring which weighs in at 639 grams compared to the 999 grams of the standard Ohlins item. Hopefully this will be installed in the coming weeks and looking forward to improvements that the rear shock offers.

Here is a link to the Manual

Tygon tubing

I fitted the HRC Brake reservior kit to my bike. The weight savings are great but does come with a flaw. It appears the HRC Tubing causes the brake fluid to go cloudy. It doesn't seem to affect performance but whether the cloudiness is moisture or chemical reaction to the tube, I just don't know.
There is a solution. Tygon 2375 tubing. Its clear and its coated so does not react with the brake fluid. I will be using this in preference with my Brembo Master cylinder upgrade and amend the rear setup.

R&G tail light titanium style

I wonder sometimes if I should rename the blog Titaniumfanatic due to my obsession with using the material to reduce the bikes weight. Here is a another example. I noticed the number plate light had failed and decided to use this to my advantage. I ordered a replacement and realised that there was a chance to reduce just a tiny bit more weight off. When I say tiny, I mean a mere 0.1 gram per nut, but as Tesco say 'every little helps'.

Healtech Speedohealer V4

Here is a picture of the Healtech Speedohealer V4.
Background In an effort to reduce weight and tweak the performance, I went for the Renthal ultralight sprockets in the 525 chain size. I also reduced the tooth size on the front sprocket. The result of this was great but found that the speedo was no longer as accurate.
I needed a product to correct the speedo and having used the Healtech Gear shifter decided to this was a good choice. 
Features Dual Bank Memory - Allows the Speedohealer to store two configurations. Km/h conversion - Allows switching between Km/h and MPH easily. Extended calibration range - Allows setup for most configurations. Resale Value - Incorrect speedo's add higher mileage to the bike
Build quality As the photo shows, its a neat little unit with an LED, two connectors and two switches. It is 5cm x 3cm x 1.5cm so wil fit in the smallest of places on the bike. In my case the battery area. The unit is sealed but unlikely to be waterproof. It should however survive an occ…

Fairing update and refresh

Here is a mock up of how I imagine my bike in the near future (Except wheels, undertray and stock exhaust of course!). 
As followers of my blog know, my bike started off life a standard 2009 CBR1000RR Repsol model which has steadily been transformed to where it is now.
My bike was updated to the 2011 design which required a black swing arm, mid fairings, tank cover and clock cover. Its time to revisit the design as there has been many changes to the weight and style of the bike. In 2012/13 Honda refreshed the blades look. This involved many things but will concentrate on the cosmetics. The changes involved new headlights, clocks, fairings and tail. The key points mentioned by Honda were a lip spoiler under the nose and the slimmer fairings offer better cooling. For me, slimmer fairings would mean less weight which for me is a good thing. The tail unit is also revised. This for some reason has become wider on the 2012/13 model. For me, this means more weight and therefore a bad thing. Th…

Titanium and Alloy engine mounts

Here is a set of custom engine mounts for my fireblade. All of them have been custom made for me.The main boilts and nuts are made out of titanium with the other parts made out of 7075 alloy. These will give a good further weight reduction to the bike. These are the same as the ones used by the WFR Honda British Superbike team. 

New ohlins HO888 rear shock

Following the installation of the Ohlins FGRT813 front forks and the Brembo M4 front brakes, it's time to focus on the rear. I decided to initally focus on the rear shock, but the rearsets and rear brakes are also on the list. Here is my upgrade for the standard  shock . It's the Ohlins HO888 rear shock absorber for cbr1000rr. This model replaces the HO788 which had a useful adapter to fit the remote adjuster. I will source one of these as it looks and works better for me.

I also have a titanium shock to fit which will further reduce the weight but help improve the handling.

Project RC213V Brake upgrade.

So the aim is to upgrade the brakes on my bike and what better to use than the RC213V MotoGP. The photo shows that the bike is equipped with a Brembo master cylinder, Brembo folding low drag levers, Race spec bolts and green master cylinder hose.

Firstly, HRC Honda sell the hose so thats sorted. The part number is 43505-NF4-000.

I have bought the Brembo RCS 19 Master cylinder and matching Clutch Lever and perch which will solve clearance issues with the stock master cylinder on my Harris clip ons. 
This is the final piece of the jigsaw. Its the Brembo low drag folding lever to complete the transformation. When finished, the braking and look will be simply stunning,

Personalised plate

My bike has just been re-registered with a personalised plate . I always fancied a personalised plate on the bike and one came up and an unbeatable price. I just couldn't turn down the offer. To anyone with a 'themed' bike, I highly recommend it

Brembo and race spec bolts

Now that I have the Brembo M4 caliper a and the Brembo RCS 19 master cylinder , I noticed that the stock bolts are not titanium. After some advice from Mode Performance, I have ordered race spec perch bolts and banjo bolts to complement the rest of the bike.

New Brembo RCS Master cylinder

Here is my new master cylinder as used in Motogp. The stock item fouls the inner fairing so this is the perfect solution!
Here are a couple of updated photos of the bike with the Ohlins,Brembo and Marchesinis fitted. I have also had the Ten Kate Velocity stacks installed. The wheels create a fresh and rare look to the bike

The wheels are fitted

Here are a couple of photos of the wheels fitted. I think they look amazing and save around 2 kilos.

HRC Tank cover

I have been interested in upgrading to a HRC Tank for quite some time. I could have done this last year when I bought a carbon fibre version, but it lacked the recesses (seen in the photo) for the factory Honda logos.
By chance, someone was selling a HRC tank cover By Hotbodies racing. By the time I found it, the tank was sold. I then set about contacting them Hotbodies and can only describe the experience as poor. Despite emails and messages on facebook and twitter they have never replied. Anyway back to the tank cover. The main difference with these covers are that they are not rounded off so provide great stomach support. This funnily enough, is also the design of tank used on the RC213V.

Some work on the bike

I had the following parts today.My Ohlins FGRT813 forks, Brembo's M4 calipers, black 2011 Repsol clock cover, carbon clock bracket, Harris clipons and R&G bar ends.

New race battery

As part of my 2013 weight reduction, I have invested in a lithium battery. Theis weighs in at just 586 grams compared to the stock item of 2060 gram so almost a quarter of the weight saved!

Personalised plate

I have always quite fancied a personalised plate for my bike. 

I like them because it allows the bike to be a little bit more unique and personal to me and also reduces the aging process. When I say the aging process, I mean as mines a 2009 model with 2011 updates it should really have a 2011 registration plate (but that will never happen). 

As luck would have it, a fellow Repsol owner was looking to lose the personalised plate as his bike has changed. I saw it as a golden opportunity to take over the plate. 

So, in the next two weeks my bike is going personal.

R&G bar ends

I decided to buy a set of Harris clipons as they are used by the Honda TT Legends team. They informed me that they use the Harris clipons but use their own custom bar which supports the stock bar ends. I decided that I would do something similar. As my bike is largely used on the road, I decided bar end weights rather than nylon bungs would make sense. I contacted R&G and as always managed to provide invaluable assistance. They identified a set of bar ends that were a perfect fit to the bars.
Thanks again R&G!

My latest photo

Here is my latest photo of bike. Dead pleased with it..

Harris Clipons

Its been a while since the last updates for the bike.

I have just received my HARRIS Riser Clipons. The main part that connects to the Fork is made of Aluminium and weighs just 175.5g

The actual bars use a clever allen key fixing that locks them in place. Each bar is made of aluminium and weigh just 157.5g each.
I chose the Harris Clipons as they are used by the Honda TT Legends Team. Having spoken to the team, they use a custum bar and standard weighted bar ends.

I have been in touch with R&G and should hopefully have weighted bar ends for the stock look once again.

2013 Season gets underway in Qatar

Tonight under the floodlights of the Losail circuit in Qatar, the 2013 MotoGP season began.

Repsol Honda's Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez made the most of the 45minute FP1 session on a very dirty track. Rookie Marc overcame his initial nerves and took the 4th fastest time of the session with 1'57.276 recorded on lap 15 of 18. Dani, who had issues with corner entry, was 8th fastest with a 1'57.749 on his final lap of 17. Both riders remained on the same tyre for the session.

Marc Marquez4th1'57.276"The truth is that I was a little nervous -above all at the start,- but that's normal. I got over that immediately and set about the practice just like we did in Moto2 last season: Working hard with a focus on the race. I made steady improvement and felt good, which is important at the start but we must remember that this is just the beginning. The grip levels improve a lot during a GP weekend, and thus we will have to keep working on the setup"
Dani P…

An Interview with Marc Márquez

After first wearing the Repsol Honda Team uniform in the team presentation at the end of January, last week Marc Márquez was back on his new MotoGP bike to ride alongside the stars of the class. He made a positive assessment of the three days of testing in Malaysia.
What is your assessment of these three days of testing at Sepang?
"The first practice is always special, because you're always nervous after winter. I felt very good, better than I expected with the bike. With the team everything is working well and we're integrating slowly. I've tried new things and I also had my first crash with the MotoGP bike. It was not a big one and little-by-little we are getting to know the bike, which is what preseason is all about."
After three days of testing on the RC213V, what do you most enjoy and what was hardest when riding?
"What is still most difficult is braking, always having the same reference point and being consistent. What I enjoy most —although…

An Interview with Dani Pedrosa

Dani Pedrosa finished the first official test of the year at the Sepang circuit in Malaysia as the dominant rider over the three days. The Repsol Honda team rider never ceded the top spot on the time sheets and continually had the best time of the entire grid. Satisfied with this first test, Pedrosa is happy to be back to work on the Honda RC213V in 2013 and also has compliments for new teammate, Marc Márquez. Three days of testing, and you had the fastest time in all of them. Are you happy with how things went in Sepang?
"Yes, I'm happy. We were able to test the bike again and made some good analysis, especially, of general aspects. These tests are important for the rest of the season. We had the time to test out what we wanted, because the weather was kind to us and we were able to put in many laps. Overall it was a positive test. " How do you feel physically? Did you feel a little soreness after getting back to work?
"It is normal to have a few aches, …

Pedrosa remains on top as first test comes to an end

The first test of 2013 concluded today with Repsol Honda's Dani Pedrosa maintaining his place at the top of the timing sheet with a time of 2'00.100. Teammate Marc Marquez finished his first test of 2013 in 4th position with a top time of 2'00.636 after experiencing his maiden crash in the premier class.

Dani finished at lunchtime after completing his scheduled testing programme. He spent the morning working on engine braking, the balance and distribution of the additional weight of the bike, and he also had the chance to test the new compound Bridgestone tyre. He completed a total of 44 laps, recording his fastest on lap 4 in the morning when track conditions were perfect.

Marc enjoyed another strong start to the day but had a small crash in the final corner after losing the front of the bike under braking. After the crash, he recorded his fastest time on lap 32 of 33. In the afternoon, he completed a race simulation run of 20 laps to complete his first test of t…

The new colour scheme

Well, the day has come for the Repsol Honda Team to move into a new season with a new set of team colours. Gone is the Blue and in comes the white.

The old scheme has been going for many years and am sure many will be think the old colours are still the best. 

For me, its progress albeit with black and white go faster strips.

It does however a couple of issues.

Late last year Honda launched an array of bikes including the 2013 CBR1000RR in Repsol Colours. With the scheme change, this years bike has last years colours! I hope that they will offer new customers the choice of the old team colours versus the new team colours. If I hand just taken delivery of a shiney new Repsol CBR1000RR and found out that Honda has dropped the scheme, I would certainly be miffed!

For me it also represents a similar issue. Do I bring my bike in line with the 2013 CBR1000RR repsol colours or do I bite the bullet and go for a custom paint job based on the new the latest team colours launched today. 

I think i wil…

More about my titanium swingarm spindle

Here is a couple more pictures. The stock item weighs in at 485 grams. The titanium item weighs just 362 grams saving 123 grams.

A sneak peek of the new spindle

Here is a sneak peek of the spindle for the bike. It's made out of titanium and been made to fit both the standard swing arm and the HRC item.

Titanium work in progress..

Here is my latest item in progress. This is some Titanium rod which will be machined into a spindle for the Standard fireblade swingarm or the HRC Swingam. I expect to save around 200 grams by performing the modification.

Estrella Galicia 0,0 joins the pinnacle of World Motorcycle Racing with Honda Racing Corporation

Estrella Galicia 0.0 takes an important step forward in its commitment to motorcycle racing sponsorship as it partners Honda Racing Corporation for 2013.

Famous World Champions such as Freddie Spencer, Mick Doohan, Alex Crivillé and Casey Stoner have won Championships with the factory team and this year, for the first time since Crivillé and Gibernau, two spanish riders will once again defend the colours of the Repsol Honda Team, the experienced Dani Pedrosa and ‘rookie’ Marc Márquez, will become the most exciting couple on the grid for the Spanish fans. Estrella Galicia will also become the official beer in HRC’s hospitality.

This is the third season in which Estrella Galicia 0.0 is present in the MotoGP World Championship, supporting Marc Márquez in his brilliant career, when he won the Moto2 World Championship last season . The beer brand now takes a step up reaching the premier class with HRC's factory riders Pedrosa and Márquez. Pedrosa, the current MotoGP W…

2012 Season debrief with Shuhei Nakamoto

In the 2012 MotoGP season, Honda had hoped to repeat its 2011 performance and take all three Titles again. Twelve wins out of 18 races gave Honda the Constructors Title for the 19th time (61st, counting all GP classes). Dani Pedrosa and Casey Stoner did solid work for the Repsol Honda Team, appearing together on the podium eight times, and Repsol Honda had podium finishes in every race of the season to gain the Team Title again. A number of factors combined to keep the Riders Championship out of Honda hands this time, though.

The first half of the season was especially difficult for Dani as the team struggled to adapt to a last minute minimum weight rule change, followed by new tire specs. But, the story changed for him in the season’s second half after the introduction of the new bike, redesigned to meet the rule and spec changes. Dani could now use the full potential of the RC213V and start clocking up wins, but it was just too late for the title. Dani continues to i…