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HRC 2010 / 2011 Parts information.

Here is a copy of the press release for the 2010 / 2011 Hond CBR1000RR. Hopefully the part numbers will be of use.

2010 CBR1000RR HRC racing kit new sale parts
Parts No.PartsComment
31110-NLR-C30ROTOR COMPNew ACG Flywheel,(Crank shaft design was changed)
23421-NLR-B40GEAR, C-1 P-1T/M durability improvement (An exchange timing 3000km-6000km)
23431-NLR-B40GEAR, M-2 P-1
23441-NLR-B40GEAR, C-2 P-1
23451-NLR-B40GEAR, M-3 M-4 P-11
23461-NLR-B40GEAR, C-3 P-1
23481-NLR-B40GEAR, C-4 P-1
23422-NLR-B40GEAR, C-1,P-2
23423-NLR-B40GEAR, C-1,P-3
23432-NLR-B40GEAR, M-2,P-2
23433-NLR-B40GEAR, M-2,P-3
23442-NLR-B40GEAR, C-2,P-2
23443-NLR-B40GEAR, C-2,P-3
23452-NLR-B40GEAR, M-3 M-4,P-12
23453-NLR-B40GEAR, M-3 M-4,P-21
23454-NLR-B40GEAR, M-3 M-4,P-22
23455-NLR-B40GEAR, M-3 M-4,P-31
23456-NLR-B40GEAR, M-3 M-4,P-32
23462-NLR-B40GEAR, C-3,P-2
23463-NLR-B40GEAR, C-3,P-3
23482-NLR-B40GEAR, C-4,P-2
23483-NLR-B40GEAR, C-4,P-3
* We continue selling the 2009 parts except for the 2010 new parts.

*Appropriate specification according to each race regulation to be selected for participatin in racing.

* Other parts are sold the same as 2009 YM.


HRC will start to take an order and sell 『ENGINE POWER UP KIT(2)』 racing kit for exclusive use of a road race for 2011 model CBR1000RR from Feb 2011.

『ENGINE POWER UP KIT(2)』 which we release at the time, is developped with know-how of HRC WORKS machine CBR1000RRW and, improved an engine performance. “The AIR FUNNEL SET” having you use it together becomes the exclusive specifications.

『ENGINE POWER UP KIT(2)』 improves the output from low rpm to middle rpm area by performing engine specifications improvement such as a valve timing or the air funnel. By these improvements, acceleration performance improved.

Moreover, by increasing power for low-mid velocity range, it leads to the improvement in lean-setting-toughness of combustion strain and thereby will enable to improve fuel efficiency.

The mapping data for these specifications is filed to the CD-ROM of the kit. It is possible for you to set and adjust PGM/FI by connecting your PC and ECU. “ENGINE POWER UP KIT(2)” is working with PGM-FI/IGN UNIT and the setting tool after 2009YM.

In addition, we improve cam chain tensioner and give improvement of the reliability.

【Feature of 2011 KIT】

1.IN/EXH camshaft (valve-timing, valve-lifting-range, higher cam-inertial-mass)

2.Air Funnel length: 15/25mm ⇒ ALL30mm

3.Tensioner Lifter: Stronger force

4.Mapping E2P data: Control fuel for the Power-up Kit(2) specification

【2011 CBR1000RR HRC Racing Kit new sale parts】

Part No.DescriptionReqd. No.
114111-NLR-B40CAM SHAFT IN,9.8 20/52.471
314211-NLR-B40CAM SHAFT EXH,9.0 15/471
1390010-GHB-720BOLT, FLANGE, SH, 6×452
1490014-MFL-000BOLT, SOCKET, SPL 6×7.52
1590082-NL9-710BOLT, FLANGE KNOCK, 7×10.54
1690488-425-000WASHER, SEALING 6MM2
1791302-NLR-B41-M10-RING, 20×1.54
1894520-24000CIRCLIP, IN, 244
Part No.DescriptionReqd. No.
117225-NLR-B40FUNNEL, AIR #11
217226-NLR-B40FUNNEL, AIR #21
317227-NLR-B40FUNNEL, AIR #31
417228-NLR-B40FUNNEL, AIR #41
516514-NL9-710BOLT, 5MM6

*When you participate in a race, please use each parts with the specification in accordance with the race regulation.

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