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Top 10 upgrades

It seems tv is full of the 'best of 2011' shows so decided to list the best modifications for 2011.
These are in no particular order but have helped improve the bike.

1. Titanium Spindles. These made a huge difference to the front end. It made a light front end even sharper.

2. Galfer Wavey discs. I just like the look of them plus customised to match the bike have offered greater braking on the front end. They are supposed to be lighter too but haven't checked.

3. Custom Titanium engine spacers and washers. I struck gold by finding a company in the UK to manufacture titanium parts to the same spec as Honda.

3. Smoked tail light. Not exactly a performance mod but creates a smart look

4. Pro-bolt Titanium. Religously replacing bolts to reduce weight and to keep the looks of the bike

5. Mettec Titanium. These guys make many of the Honda special bolts in titanium. Fantastic!

6. Carbon fibre Honda Racing front mudguard (fender). Painted Repsol Blue an lighter than stock was a g…

Happy New Year!

Its been a mixed year, the highs of Casey winning the 2011 Motogp championship and the sadness of losing Simoncelli. 2012 brings with it new challenges, Crt teams, new bikes and of course Dovi on a Yamaha. Next year should be very exciting.

Quick tidy up on the bike

The weather outside is awful so took the time to start the bike and upgrade the power commander PCV firmware to which was released on 26/10/11.

HRC 2010 / 2011 Parts information.

Here is a copy of the press release for the 2010 / 2011 Hond CBR1000RR. Hopefully the part numbers will be of use.

2010 CBR1000RR HRC racing kit new sale partsParts No.PartsComment31110-NLR-C30ROTOR COMPNew ACG Flywheel,(Crank shaft design was changed)23421-NLR-B40GEAR, C-1 P-1T/M durability improvement (An exchange timing 3000km-6000km)23431-NLR-B40GEAR, M-2 P-123441-NLR-B40GEAR, C-2 P-123451-NLR-B40GEAR, M-3 M-4 P-1123461-NLR-B40GEAR, C-3 P-123481-NLR-B40GEAR, C-4 P-123422-NLR-B40GEAR, C-1,P-223423-NLR-B40GEAR, C-1,P-323432-NLR-B40GEAR, M-2,P-223433-NLR-B40GEAR, M-2,P-323442-NLR-B40GEAR, C-2,P-223443-NLR-B40GEAR, C-2,P-323452-NLR-B40GEAR, M-3 M-4,P-1223453-NLR-B40GEAR, M-3 M-4,P-2123454-NLR-B40GEAR, M-3 M-4,P-2223455-NLR-B40GEAR, M-3 M-4,P-3123456-NLR-B40GEAR, M-3 M-4,P-3223462-NLR-B40GEAR, C-3,P-223463-NLR-B40GEAR, C-3,P-323482-NLR-B40GEAR, C-4,P-223483-NLR-B40GEAR, C-4,P-3* We continue selling the 2009 parts except for the 2010 new parts.

*Appropriate specification according to ea…

Casey Stoners bike at Motorcycle Live

Heres a couple pics of Casey's bike from Motorcycle
Live. Thanks to those who shared them!

Casey Stoners bike at Honda UK HQ

Marc Potter from MCN shared this on twitter. Honda UK have the ultimate accessory for any lobby... The World championship winning RC212V

Reactiveracing update

Well, its been a while but I discovered that the ebay seller Reactiveracing (aka Steve Heneghan) who thinks its reasonable to leave abusive feedback runs a company called Reactive Engineering Limited.
Steve apparently set up Reactive Engineering and runs a site at Personally, for peace of mind, I would buy CRC Fairings from Europe.

Reactiveracing has been reported to ebay and the feedback removed.