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HRC quick action throttle

I received the HRC quick action throttle today from ukroadandrace. This kit reduces the amount of turning needed on the throttle to accelerate. Ukroadandrace comes highly recommended for outstanding customer service.

Engine bolts have arrived

My aluminium engine bolts have arrived. They are much lighter than standard so save around 70 grams

My Repsol Jacket Collection

Here is a sneak peek of my 2010,2011 and the new 2012 Honda Gas Repsol Team Jackets

Pro-bolt launch new website

 Pro-bolt have relaunched their website at or . Its very user friendly and easy to find all the bits you need.

New reservoir socks

I just received these from AZRmoto. Very nice and match the bike perfectly!

Radiator fan upgrade

Here is the new fan. Further weight gains can be had by installing 5mm titanium lock nuts. Four are needed.

New Valve cover bolts ordered

These valve cover bolts are made out of 7075 aluminium and replace the standard ones.They save 72 grams over the standard items.

Repsol Honda Team 100 wins sticker

I received my Repsol Honda 100 wins stickers today. These will fit nicely on the seat cowl.

New 2012 Repsol Team Honda jacket

Just received next years team jacket. Very nice

2009 CBR1000RR Weight Reduction - Honda Style

When Honda revised the 2010 fireblade, they announced that they installed a heavier flywheel. They used other lighter components to ensure that the overall weight did not increase. One of these updates was the large radiator fan (See A in graphic). It changed to part number PFKL2036200 for the 2010 and 2011 models. This no doubt will be the same for the new 2012 model.

New Repsol Brake Reservoir socks ordered

I have just ordered a set of these from AZRMoto. I have a set fitted that are black but think these will match the bike perfectly.

Visit this link if you would like a set

Well done to Casey Stoner!

Well done to Casey winning at Valencia after a nail biting photo finish. Casey won the championship at Philip Island. Well done to Dovi for third place. Thanks to Dovi for his commitment and musts say its a shame that the HRC Repsol Team let him go. Good luck Dovi but don't be too good on the Yamahas!

New QR Link

Here is a QR link to the Repsolfanatic blog. I hope you find it useful

Engine spacers for sale

I have 5 made as spares but have 4 for sale. No-one else sell these. If interested in buying, please contact me,

Ebay Buyers beware! Reactiveracing

I bought some Suspension legs off Ebay from the seller Reactive Racing. The postage costs were high and added to the message that if I was overcharged, Negative feedback would be left. I was charged £6.49 and actual costs were £3.15. I emailled him and got this response.

"As an experienced ebay buyer, you will be aweare that the Post and Packing costs are exactly that.

In this case the Postage costs amounted to: £3.15
The costs associated with packing the item (material, labour, etc) amounted to £3.84

All postage and packing costs were clearly identified on the auction. If you were not happy with this then you should have not bid. (incidentally, the item you purchased was a complete bargin, as the retail at well over 100 gbp new)

If you are not happy with the purchase, please return it and I will refund all monies due"

The box was an old Wickes box with and so therefore costs were unjustified.

As per my instructions, negative feedback was left and I recieved the followin messag…