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Casey Stoner at Motegi

Here is a great photo of Casey in free practice at Motegi. Good luck Guys!

Carbon Fibre Mudguard fitted

Here is my Genuine Honda carbon fibre mudguard. It has been painted Pearl Siren Blue to suit the bike. It weighs just 266.8 grams with the paint compared to 438.4 grams for the original item. I have added some genuine Honda Racing stickers to show that its not just any mudguard.

Fastest the movie - One to avoid!

Well I dug deep and went to see Fastest the Movie at my local cinema. there are 2 dates in the UK to see the movie at a cinema. I shared a cinema with at least six other people. Whilst Ewan Mcgregors narration was good, It shoule be called Rossi the movie. Despite many other great riders they seem to focus mostly on him. A very large disapointment. The upside was there was plenty of his crashes to keep my interest. I personally would have paid double to see film if they had no rossi! Its certainly a shame it was not more balanced and certainly lags behind TT3D Closer to the edge for insight and amazing footage. I won't be getting this on dvd to be sure! #Fastestthemovie #fastest #motogp

2012 CBR1000RR launched

Here are the some photos of the new UK 2012 CBR1000rr which comprise of revised fairings, headlights, suspension, wheels and dash. Very smart but no Repsol Edition for 2012

Just got my 2011 Repsol Team Jacket

Here is my new 2011 Repsol Honda Team Jacket. These are the ones that Dovi, Casey and Dani wear.

some new items ordered

Another busy weekend for ordering items.

So far, I have ordered:

2 M6 Titanium nuts for the rear brake reservoir
2 M6 Titanium penny washers for the petrol tank
13 M6 Titanium Race spec bolts for the oil sump

Some fuel resistant orange Samco hose to replace the stock overflow pipe to match the existing Samco cooling hoses.

Congratulations to Casey and Dani at Aragon

Well done to Casey for a great win at Aragon. This takes the Repsol Honda Team to 100 Motogp wins. Well done to Dani for a great second place position. 

New Repsol colour scheme for Aragon

Here is the new colours specially for Aragon designed by Davidelfin. All three riders will be in this scheme. You can't miss them!

Wavey discs and various bits fitted.

I had my wavy discs fitted today with the titanium bleed nipples. The bleed nipples save 3 grams per caliper.I also installed the HRP Captive spacers. These saved another 25.5 grams and make wheel removal much easier.

Wavy discs have arrived

I received my custom wavy discs today. They look great! Each one weighs 1.3 kilos so will be interesting to compare this to standard ones.

Race specification engine bolts fitted

Various Titanium bolts and fittings were fitted today saving another 200 grams off the weight.

Another picture..