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Stickers fitted

I have fitted the stickers to the bike. A nice little addition I think.

Mettec Titanium bolts are here!

I have received my M12x45mm and M12x50mm Titanium bolts from Mettec. The M12x50mm weighs just 30.4 compared to the HRC item which weighs 47.2 grams. The M12 x 45mm weighs just 27.8 grams compared to the HRC item of 44.2 grams. The customer service from these guys is superb. Thanks guys!

Dogcam Bullet HD Wide Camera Recieved

 I have received my Dogcam Bullet HD Wide camera. This new model has a 135 degree lens and has so many attachment options to allow fitting to the bike or the helmet. I hope to share a videos using this great camera. The Bullet HD is the smallest 720p high definition bullet camera on the market measuring just 80mm in length and 22mm in diameter. This bullet camera is fully self contained; the battery, the recorder, camera and microphone are all in the one small unit. This unit is amazing! The standard Contains:
1 Flat Mount with adhesive stickers
1 Vented Helmet Mount with elastic strap
1 Head strap
1 Fully Sealed Back
1 Vented Back (for audio)
4 Spare rubber seals
1 USB Cable
1 User manual
1 x 2gb SDHC Card
Visit the guys at Dogcam here 

Titanium axle spindles

I have received my titanium axle spindles for my bike this morning. I expect these to make a huge weight saving to the bike. The Front spindle weighs in at 326 grams with the rear weighing in at 313grams.

Custom Titanium spacer

I have just received my first custom engine spacer for the bike.
The standard item weighs in at 48 grams where my titanium spacer weighs in at just 26 grams. This is a prototype and the final version will be slightly lighter.

Well done Casey and Dani!

Well done to Casey for a great win at Laguna Seca. Dani managed a third place keeping in the top five despite being out due to injury. Well done guys!

Well done Casey and Dani!

Well done to the guys at Laguna Seca. Casey qualified in second place and Dani is on third place. Good luck tomorrow guys!

The ultimate Stoner video ... 1000 fps

See stoner cornering in 1000 frames per second on his RC212V. click here to view

The ultimate Dovi video ... 1000 fps

Here is an awesome video of Andrea Dovisiozo on the Repsol Honda RC212V. The bike is filmed in 1000 frames per second. Click here to view here

Found a new source of Titanium Bolts

I found this company in the US who have lots of Titanium and alloy for the fireblade (CBR1000RR). They have great customer service too. Visit them here

Rumour mill - Dovi out for 2012

According to #superbikemag it sounds like #Dovi is not having his contract  renewed for 2011. I hope the rumours are false.

The stickers are here!

I have received the stickers for the bike and the lid. I think they are going to  look great. The blue ones are going on the seat cowl.

New front wavey discs ordered.

I have decided to upgrade my front disks to a set of custom galfer disks. The rivets will be made of alloy making the lighter than the standard Galfer items. Looking forward to getting them fitted.

New website address launched.

Its now easier to reach the Repsol Fanatic Forum blog! It will soon be available via the website address of .

Well done to Dani Pedrosa!

Well done to Dani for winning at sachsenring, After a great ride Casey  made third after Lorezo stole second on the final lap. Another great ride for Dovi who managed fourth after fighting off Simoncelli.

A trip out after some upgrades

I took the bike out and stopped off at the local park and took a picture of the bike so far.

Weight Reduction page updated

I have finally updated the weight reduction page to include most of the titanium bolt updates.

Titanium Mirror fittings

     When I fitted the smoked mirrors, I noticed each mirror had 2 M8 bolts holding the main mirror on the stalk. I have replaced these with Titanium race spec bolts. I have saved 2 grams per bolt as a result.

The front smoked indicator lenses installed

Here are the new smoked mirrors installed. They are subtle but add a bit more style to the look.

Tinted mirror comparison

Here is a photo showing the difference between the tinted version and the standard lens. It is quite discrete but matches the rear indicators.

Casey breaks Mugello record again.

The Australian rider leads the Mugello test of the Repsol Honda Team with the 800cc RC212VThe Repsol Honda Team were back at the Mugello circuit this morning for the last test of the season with the 800cc RC212V. All three riders tested a new swing arm and then followed their own testing schedules. Casey Stoner was the first rider out, 15 minutes after the track was opened. The Australian rider who had a small crash in the morning session, completed forty-seven laps and set a new circuit record of 1'47.326 on his penultimate lap, seven tenths faster than his pole position time set here on Saturday. As well as the swing arm, Casey tested a new Bridgestone front tyre as well as some other smaller set up issues on his RC212V. Andrea Dovizioso got up to a good pace quickly. He completed sixty six laps and spent the day working on engine braking and testing the new swing arm. The plan for Dani Pedrosa, considering the pain in his right shoulder and the fatigue accumulated ov…

Well done Dovi!

Well done Dovi for getting great second place at Mugello. Casey managed third place and still leads the championship. Its great to see Dani back in a bike after an extended rest due to his broken collar bone.