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The look and sound of the 2012 1000cc Rc212v

Trying out some smoked indicators

Well, I have seem the floating around on ebay and decided to give them a try. Here they are and looking forward to fit them very soon. I will do a picture comparing them to standard ones soon.

Well done to Casey and Dovi

Well done to Casey and Dovi for getting a second and third place at Assen today. It was a race that was filled with spills thanks to Simoncelli's usual antics. These antics nearly spelled disorder for another Repsol rider. Casey still leads the championship.

Titanium front caliper spacers

I have just received a set of 5mm caliper spacers from Custom Spacers for my Honda CBR1000rr. These spacers are made from top quality grade 5 Titanium and weigh just 11.4 grams each. I have yet to compare weights of the standard items but the quality is amazing. Custom Spacers do an alloy version and offer great customer service.

Well done to Casey and Dovi

Well done to Casey Silverstone. This was his 27th win in MotoGP and deserved to win in such awful weather conditions. Well done to Dovi for coming second. Casey is now leading the championship.

Oil Cap and Titanium Fitted

Here are some pictures of the latest additions to the bike. The Titanium Domed Nut replaces the standard item and saves 1.7 grams. The Fuel Tank bolts save 10.2 grams and are used to hold my Honda tank bag in place. The last one is the HRC oil cap which is drilled and no doubt is a small fraction lighter.

£130k CBR1000RR Fireblade

It appears that LCR Honda are looking at their options. So have spent £130k making a Motogp specification fireblade. Casey has already tested the 2012 1000cc replacement for the RC212V. I guess the HRC Honda team already know what a Repsol CBR1000RR already looks like.

A link to the article is here

More Titanium dome nuts

I have ordered 3 more of these Titanium dome nuts. These aren't available at Pro Bolt. Two replace the nut on the Brake and clutch lever and the remaining one replaced the nut on the front mudguard.

HRC Oil Filler Cap

I thought about some nice alloy filler cap by Rizoma, Yohimura or even Pro-bolt but decided to stick with the HRC Racing theme. This cost me £3.38 plus vat and has the holes for lock wiring. Its simple and no nonsense as you would expect. The HRC part number is 15611-NF4-900

Thanks Padgetts!